Saturday, March 26, 2016

Wacken Battle #3

The third battle of this years Wacken Battles happened this wednesday at the Red Room. Not going to lie, but I've was pretty pumped to get the opportunity to review this show. On top of seeing new bands I finally got around to heading to the Red Room for the first time. With the whole event being put on by the Invisible Orange, which I try to make every show they put on.
First up of the night was a band I actually just reviewed a couple weeks ago, Exterminatus. I got to be honest, I have a hard time writing for these guys. Their show this time around definitely had more stage presence but I just find something about their execution to be lacking. The nerd in me loves the idea of their writing being focused on a table top game, Warhammer 40k. Though the metal head in me expects more on stage. One of my biggest pet peeves is when tech death bands put technical riffs over throwing on a live show. Its gets really redundant when you watch a band play for thirty minutes and they spend most of their time looking at their fret boards. All in all Im going to be following this band and their progress. Cause once their live show matches the ferocity of their music I can see them really take off.
6.5/10 Hammers
Right before I start, I have to mention that this next band was all kids. The youngest member of the band was only 13. So right off the bat you got to give them a slap on the back. Occasionally Dropped is a young band that I got to be honest sounded like all the old tunes I use to listen to. Everything from Rage Against the Machine to Nirvana and Soundgarden. The band had alot of stage presence, even more so than some older more experianced bands. The played their music with such passion, and at their age, it was inspiring to see. The only things I have to say to this band is that they need to find their own voice. Also even though I said they have alot of stage presence they cut the damage they really could have done by always showing their back to the crowd. Though most of the faults they had, they usually get fixed quickly by; more experiance, practice and writing together. Good job guys, and keep up the good work. In a generation more focused on electronically produced music and never bothering to pick up an instrument, you kids give me hope.
7/10 Hammers
Last up for the night I wasnt quite sure what to expect. I had just listened to a song off their ep and I rather liked it, so my hopes we high. I can honestly say I was not expecting what I saw. The Mountain Man threw down hard. With a well rehearsed show and stage presence that demanded you to headbang you couldn't help but get hooked. With groovy melodies, frantic harmonies and relentless vocals you knew you were about to go for a ride. They say they are Vancouvers outdoor-metallers and I couldnt agree more. As rugged and intense as their music was, it was broken into very harmonic sections that reminded me of exactly what they are going for, the wild of BC. 

8.5/10 Hammers

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