Sunday, March 6, 2016

What Circle Are You In?

(Photo by Danny S. of Aggression Drummer)

Showing up to Funky's (my favourite venue to see and play shows), to review the opening band The Fifth Circle. I was ecstatic, finally being able to put my thoughts of the opening band to use. Walking into a fresh, fragrant, mint scented washroom indicated this was "classy night at funky's". Leading into the sound check their front man immediately began crowd interaction with the familiar line "you ready or what?" followed by a growl which was then mimicked by a fellow spectator.

Following the sound check they opened their set with heavy as f*#k super juicy riffs. Just two songs in, The Fifth Circle played their track "Darkness" which was familiar as they had previously released their official music video for the track earlier that day.

While maintaining groovy thrashy death metal riffs with appropriately randomized blast beats throughout their set. The band instigated thrashing and head banging within the crowd. The melodic break downs, chunky riffs and fat bass licks might as well have had "drink beer" written all over them. 

By the end of the set, their tight and on spot musicianship and excellent stage presence made me smile with the most pure of metal furiousity. 

The Fifth Circle were called upon (for encore) to circle a sixth time, but were cut off ending their set with a succulent riff and a triple punch.

All in all, they were a great start to a show of a Black Label Society and Pantera tribute bands (Stronger Than Death and Vantera) and headliner Aggression (from Montreal). 

Stay tuned for Fifth Circle shows in your city because they will set your tune straight!

Thanks for reading another review from Hammer Records and Severvancity. I'll see you out there. Be safe and take care.

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