Saturday, March 26, 2016

Chew On This!

Five bands for $10, you can't beat that kind of a deal! First up was Rexford Drive, and what a drive they had! Coming all the way from Chilliwack, they made sure to bring a can of whoop-ass! I've never seen an opening band put so much energy onto a stage. Right from the first few notes you could tell that you were in for a good time. Full of energy, tight playing and excellent song writing, Rexford Drive had the crowd grooving along in no time. Multiple times the guitarist leaped into the crowd and  stirred up trouble. The bass player was constantly moving around the stage, doing a fantastic job of filling the space and building the bands stage presence. The end of their set included a huge drum solo with a little bit of comedy thrown into the mix. Needless to say, I will keep my eyes on these three lads for sure. 

I give Rexford Drive 8/10 Hammers. Check out their Facebook page HERE.

Not A Chew Toy has a some new faces. A bit of an all star line up including members from other bands all coming together to bring the audience a few originals and a bunch of covers.  It was a pretty rag tag performance and you could hear band members asking each other "what song is next?". It was a blast hearing a bunch of tunes that everyone can sing along too. Reminded me more of a band karaoke jam party than a normal media club show. Showcasing multiple vocalists, as well as bringing lead vocalist Adam from the band Redfinn up on stage for an awesome cover of Rolling In The Deep. The one original band member switched around on bass, vocals and guitar for different songs, adding some funny stage moments. Overall it was fun seeing a band not take things too seriously and have some fun on stage!

I give Not A Chew Toy 7/10 Hammers. Check out their Facebook page HERE

Going from one spectrum to another, Redfinn was like a well oiled machine. Their set up time was super quick and their performance was energetic, professional and personable. Their front man Adam did a great job interacting with the audience with funny banter, jokes and making fun of band mates. Their sound was full of dynamics, depth, and tone. The drums were locked in with the bass and the single guitarist just filled the entire room with his sound. The vocals sat on top of everything like morning dew on the grass. Their misfits cover was a huge success and during their set a mosh pit broke out! I can't wait to see these boys further down their career.

I give Redfinn 9/10 Hammers. Check out their Facebook page HERE.

I only caught a few songs from Dead Rival's before I had to head out. I've heard some live videos of theirs and caught them playing live a few times in the past. Tonight though, something just wasn't sitting right with me. Their rhythm guitarist was up so loud that the minute he started playing my ears physically hurt. Completely drowned out the lead guitarist which I could only hear when the rhythm guitarist WASNT playing. The bass was almost non existent except for just a low rumble, so any cool notes or rhythms was just lost in the mix. In the monitors the vocals were just cranked in order to try and them them heard over instrument mix. I wish they had done a quick sound check or really checked each others volumes before playing their set. Just before I left they brought up a guest dancer to dance through one of their songs. Their stage performance was strong and the lead singer did a great job with crowd interaction. I hope next time I see them that they have a better mix going on!

I give Dead Rivals a 6.5/10 Hammers. Check them out on Facebook HERE.

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