Friday, March 11, 2016

Wacken Metal Battle - Majora

Round #1 of the Wacken Metal Battle has already happened. Round #2 is just around the corner and Majora is ready to hop across the pond and bring the thunder.

Hammer Records: What do you think of when you think Wacken?
Majora: The promise land! Honestly its a dream of ours to be a part of Wacken in any capacity and we only have to play 3 great shows to get there.

Hammer Records: Last years winner was Vesperia, Do you think this year the winner will be from Vancouver?
Majora: There are a lot of good metal bands all over Canada, there are some great ones in BC for sure. But I think this years winner could be from Victoria

Hammer Records: What separates Vancouver metal from other Canadian metal?
Majora: Probably the weed. 

Hammer Records: Do you have anything special in mind for your performance at the Red Room?
Majora: This is a special performance as it will be a debut for our new line up as well as songs this crowd will have never head before. We'll probably end up firing Dustin after the show too, we'll play that by ear though.

Hammer Records: What do you think about battle of the bands events around Vancouver?
Majora: We've been a part of other battle of the bands and some were put together very well, some were not but i think they are all beneficial to the bands that participated. Wacken battle is one that we all look forward to every year and are really excited to participate this year,

Hammer Records: Where can we find your music? Social media links?

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