Thursday, March 17, 2016

Bang Zoom Crazy ... Hello

Hello, from the Cheap Trick Side! This album is perfectly classic. Staying with a sound that everyone loves, not trying to push too many boundaries. Yet at the same time, not bound to stay "in the genre". No song on this album is cliched. It just sounds like 4 talented musicians wrote some catchy well written tracks.

Ranging from the upbeat track "No Direction" to the riff heavy "Do You Believe Me" the tracks range in dynamics and song structure so that each song has a completely different feel. The vocals have some really cool effects over them at points, some very pink floyd, some almost with a black sabbath feel. Both the bass and drums are locked together so tight I swear they were born twins. The guitars are so fat and thick that I can feel how many hours went into locking down some of these tones. Both of the guitars just fit perfectly together, never covering one up over the other.

"Blood Red Lips" has some Beatles-esq melodies but with the ferocity of Guns N Roses. From the opening scream to some Warrant style chorus vocals. I could see this becoming a huge stadium hit with some great crowd participation. One of my favourite tracks off the album for sure. Catchy hook after catchy hook, between the vocals and guitar you can basically sing the whole song front to back.

For any generation, this is not an album to miss. Do yourself a favour and pick up a copy on April 1st! Well written music by talented people mean some really tasty music for your ears!

I give this album 9/10 Hammers.

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