Thursday, March 31, 2016

Get Your Thrills!

Loaded with spunk and attitude, Lou Danger And The Thrills just dropped a sick new album. Catchy and full of trashy drums, riding bass, crunchy guitar, this album will surely have you grooving. With every track on the album I just image seeing this live. It reminds me of Skid Row mixed with a little more punk influence. Nothing too overly complicated in the instrumentals which keep the feeling straight forward and actually quite radio friendly. They do a great job at leaving room for the vocal to ring clear and grab you. "All My Friends Are Now My Enemies" reminds me of a mix of The Ramones with Tubronegro. My inner 90's kid is going nuts, wanting me to crank this album while I try and beat Tony Hawk Pro Skater  again on my N64. With shorter songs it just makes me want to keep playing this album over and over again.

I give it a solid 8/10 Hammers. Go check it out HERE and check out their Facebook page HERE.

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