Thursday, August 21, 2014

Travelling To India : Seeds Finalists

These boys just keep rocking and pushing further and further! Great little quirky band. Some cool stage presence! Check out our album of their Seeds show HERE. They are rocking the Commodore Ballroom tonight!

Great Day To Go To The Beach : Seeds Finalists

You never know who you grow up with. These boys are turing out to be rock stars and I had the privilege to play some piano with their drummer Cam back in high school for one song. These guys are also rocking the Commodore Ballroom tonight! Be sure to check them out!

Stay Grand: Seeds Finalists

Check out this rocking tune from The Grand. They are hitting the Commodore Ballroom stage tonight as Seeds finalists. Be sure to check out this video from their CD release!

Need A Light?

Lightbulb Vaporizer released "Live Where We Live" and you really just have to crank this album. It will take you on a trip into your own imagination. This album is specially written for all you southern rock, stoner rock, guitar riffing enthusiasts. Just crank this up, have a beer and enjoy. Blast it at your next party and your friends will sure be jamming out!