Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rock Against Cancer!

Hammer Records has always supported Cancer research and we firmly believe the sooner it can be cured the better! If you can spare some time and come support this fantastic event then please do!

Big thanks to The Roxy for hosting the event and Aviator Shades for performing! Come ROCK OUT!

TONIGHT! Cover is $12 at the door or $10 presale!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hammer Records Archive: Quartered

We will be diving more into Quartered and what they've been up to a little bit later, but check out this old video from the archives! Go to their Facebook page HERE.

Hammer Records Archive: Incura

Incura put out a fantastic record. They had been working on these tunes for years! Check them out on Facebook HERE.

Hammer Records Archive: Sharks On Fire

Sharks On Fire recently have parted ways. That doesn't mean we won't share a live video we filmed of them years ago! They were an amazing band and hopefully you caught them on their last tour! Check out their Facebook page HERE.

Hammer Records Archive: Kill Matilda

Continuing with our dive into the Hammer Records archives we found an great video of Kill Matilda playing the Media Club! Check out their facebook page HERE.

How Big Is Your Dick?

If you answered extra large, then you're probably lying - but if you're talking about Mosquito Dick, you'd be right! We had the pleasure of checking out Mosquito Dick at Joe's Apartment this month and they had a fantastic, large, modern rock sound. They wore their musical influences on their sleeves as they rocked the stage. I could hear a little James Hetfield (Metallica) in the lead vocalist's voice, some Eddie Van Halen guitar licks, mixed with Kirk Hammett solo riffs, along with with a very Alice In Chains backing vocal which sets this band apart from other bands around Vancouver. Throw in some thick hard riffing bass, some tight drums and you have yourself a band!

They had great stage moves as they performed their tunes. Really utilizing the stage is crucial when getting the crowd engaged into your music. By the amount of people headbobing near the end of their set, I would say it was a a success. They had some very impressive guitar and bass runs. The drums sounded great and were played well, but something about them seemed a touch lacklustre. There just wasn't as much ferocity coming from them as I would've liked to see coming a performance perspective.

We always love seeing something that sets a band apart. Seeing the lead guitarist perform the classic Van Halen Eruption guitar solo note for note did it for us. It's a hard piece of music to pull off in the first place, but really owning it and making it seem like your own is even harder! It was a brilliant little stage move that really had the crowd's jaws dropping!

It was a great set over all and we hope to see them perform more around the scene!
Check them out HERE.

Landmark Showcase: Headland Rock, Beyond Square, Clueless Ruler

Hammer Records is continuing it's coverage of the bands performing on May 31st and June 1st at the Landmark Showcase!

Headland Rock

When I hear Headland Rock, I hear bands like Led Zepplin, ACDC, and Pink Floyd. Such a classic rock sound comes from their song structures, guitar riffs and unique vocals. Paired with some great stage work, this could be a formidable band for the showcase!

Beyond Square

Sporting some catchy hooks, this band has a bit of a pop rock feel, but also a very classic feel. This Burnaby band is just starting to get going and hopefully we can see them rock the stage!

Clueless Ruler

Bringing modern to modern rock, this hard rocking band takes the energy up a notch with just it's recording. Diverse, hard hitting instrumentals with gritty vocals will be a deadly combo!

Keep checking in each day to see new bands that will be performing on May 31st and June 1st!

Hammer Records Archive: Anciients

We recently searched our vault of 400+ videos and selected a few that we thought should see the light of day! Check out juno-nominated band The Anciients tearing it up at the biltmore. Check out their Facebook page HERE.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Landmark Showcase: Throttlecaster, Servo, The Scott Riddell Band

Check out three of the bands that will be performing at the Landmark Showcase on May 31st and June 1st!


This hardrock band has some sweet riffs, with thick gritty vocals flowing overtop. Reminds me a bit of the 90's grunge rock era. This band has some great songs and we are really looking forward to seeing them live!


This classic sounding band brings back the feeling of the 70s with some modern indie flavours. A nice pop touch is also sneaked into their sound. Prepare to release your inner Woodstock when you're jamming out to these rad dudes!

The Scott Riddell Band

Sticking with the classic rock feels, the Scott Riddell Band feels like a mix of some southern rock bands and The Sheepdogs. Very guitar driven sound, with solid rock vocals. Their well structured sounds with their thick instrumentals will get your head banging and your hands in the air!

Keep checking back everyday with our site to see three new bands that will be performing at the Showcase on May 31st and June 1st!

Present Yourself On A Professional Level

In a band? Looking for an easy way to present your band when sending off press releases or copies of your album out to radio stations? Look no further! Hammer Records is here to help. Check out our EPK video for Aviator Shades. We used previously shot interview footage from the "#VancouverMusicians" and some new live footage from a 5 camera video shoot we filmed at their CD  release show.

If your band is interested then contact Rose from Hammer Records at

Landmark Showcase: Celestial Ruin, My Own Chaos, Garrett

Hammer Records would like to introduce to you, who is battling it out on May 31st and June 1st to win a ton of fantastic prizes! So, stay tuned - Get to know some of the talented bands on the two bills!

Celestial Ruin

This Symphonic Metal band has been making waves in the metal scene here in Vancouver. Being one of the only bands of its genre in Vancouver, Celestial Ruin has been forging it's own path and carving a name for themselves across the country!

My Own Chaos

Ripping solos, heavy thrash riffs mixed with rock hard female vocals. Their sound blasts into your ear drums as you listen to My Own Chaos. After a few successful tours, they have been writing some new material. Be sure to not miss the show! You should hear what they have cooked up next!


If Pink Floyd and Van Halen had a son, it would be Garrett. This spacious, 80's styled classic rock band's tunes will make you start to think you've gone back in time. They've included a very operatic vocal that has truly been crafted to fit these classic sounding songs!

We will be sharing more bands each day until the competition! Keep checking the site to see what you have to look forward to on May 31st and June 1st!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Who Is Your Queen?

We recently filmed this Queen Cobra song at The Media Club for the Aviator Shades CD Release Show last month. Definitely check it out and rock out! These are a great bunch of hardworking musicians and some solid tunes!

Reaching Higher And Higher!

We just reached 1,200 likes on Facebook! Thank you so much for the support! We would like to take this chance and just formally announce our plans to move out east! We want to move to the Toronto area to explore the scene there! We will be continuing to be covering as many shows as we can cover over here in the time being. We are going to be pretty busy planning and getting ourselves and our son ready to move but we will be missing all the bands that we have grown to know and love.

Be A Landmark In Canada's Music Scene

Hammer Records has partnered with Landmark Events to help provide our services for their fantastic event. Landmark is hosting a showcase festival on May 31st and June 1st at The Redroom.

Some of Vancouver's best independent talent will be performing in this one of a kind music festival!

Tickets are only 13$ and can be obtained from Artists performing in the event! 

All Bands/Artists will showcase for and be judged by industry reps such as label owners, publicists, managers, entertainment lawyers, major labels, radio programmers/trackers, signed artists, booking agents and more.

For more info check out our press release and info kit:

The Prizes include:

- Top artist flown out to Toronto or Montreal to perform in Landmark Events biggest showcase festival event of the Year at Club Soda ( or The Mod Club ( This is a Sold-Out event that attracts over 1000 people every year and is an opportunity to perform and network with some of the top reps in the business right from Canada's music hub. Here are some of the reps we have had in the past OR a performance slot in the Live At Stanley Park main stage open air festival.
- 9 days of recording time of recording time at the legendary Greenhouse studios!
- Non Exclusive licensing/music placement contract with Weget Music Supervision
- Professional publicity campaigns through Asher Media Relations
- Global distribution through Milagro Records
- Label Submissions
- Consultations
- and more...

Inside The Scene - Our Very Own Rose Weekes

Rose Weekes co-founded Hammer Records and was just recently featured on "Inside The Scene". This is a great article that explores Rose's musical side as well as some insight into Hammer Records. If you have a second go and check out the link below and dive deep into the mind of Roxy!