Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How Big Is Your Dick?

If you answered extra large, then you're probably lying - but if you're talking about Mosquito Dick, you'd be right! We had the pleasure of checking out Mosquito Dick at Joe's Apartment this month and they had a fantastic, large, modern rock sound. They wore their musical influences on their sleeves as they rocked the stage. I could hear a little James Hetfield (Metallica) in the lead vocalist's voice, some Eddie Van Halen guitar licks, mixed with Kirk Hammett solo riffs, along with with a very Alice In Chains backing vocal which sets this band apart from other bands around Vancouver. Throw in some thick hard riffing bass, some tight drums and you have yourself a band!

They had great stage moves as they performed their tunes. Really utilizing the stage is crucial when getting the crowd engaged into your music. By the amount of people headbobing near the end of their set, I would say it was a a success. They had some very impressive guitar and bass runs. The drums sounded great and were played well, but something about them seemed a touch lacklustre. There just wasn't as much ferocity coming from them as I would've liked to see coming a performance perspective.

We always love seeing something that sets a band apart. Seeing the lead guitarist perform the classic Van Halen Eruption guitar solo note for note did it for us. It's a hard piece of music to pull off in the first place, but really owning it and making it seem like your own is even harder! It was a brilliant little stage move that really had the crowd's jaws dropping!

It was a great set over all and we hope to see them perform more around the scene!
Check them out HERE.

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