Thursday, March 29, 2012

Off To The Big Time

Broadway Bullies are heading to Los Angel


On Monday, we will be going down to LA to sign a production deal with producer Mike Plotnikoff! Mike has worked with many amazing bands such as Aerosmith, Kiss, Van Halen and Motley Crue, and we are proud to say we will be recording our first full length album with him. Our trip next week involves us doing some song writing with a group of very talented people, including Tyler Connolly from Theory of a Deadman, rock n roll drummer Fred Couric, drummer for Cinderella, and acclaimed song writer Brian Howes.

We will be updating our Bully's Facebook and Twitter page constantly with pictures, videos and thoughts on the whole adventure, so make sure to check back.

Tomorrow is our final show before our trip to LA so make sure to come down and see us rock the stage with One Bad Son and Krome!

We love you all, and could not have gotten this far without all of your support and love. Your party is our party, and the whole party is for you.

See you on stage, and a big wiggidy waggidy whats HATTNIN,

The Broadway Bullies

To Check out the Facebook event page click HERE

Magnetized Productions Presents: FRIDAYS ROCK @ TUNNEL

Non Stop Live Rock

If you love live Rock then there's no other night downtown like Fridays Rock!

With huge video screens playing live concert footage from all your favorite bands! Plus live music from Vancouver's best indie bands.

Friday, March 30th


One Bad Son

The Broadway Bullies



Doors @ 9pm, Show @ 9:30pm
Cover $10 Adv / $12 @ Door
Tickets Available From Artist


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Love You Out Loud

Wasabi Entertainment is proud to present a HOT new colabo with one of Vancouver's best new up and coming DJ/Producers, and one of the BEST singers in the country. Alex Wynn featuring Alisha Pillay - Love You Out Loud (LUOL)

Inspired by Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, Alesso, LaidbackLuke, Calvin Harris, and Steve Aoki among others, Alex Wynn, (voted one of the Top5 Vancouver DJ's in 2011) is one of the city's hottest up and coming DJ/Producers. Following numerous digital releases, remixes and party sets, Alex has teamed up with one of Canada's hottest independent artists for his first commercial release. See Alex Wynn live weekends at Mirage Nightclub, LIKE him at: and follow him at: @djalexwynn #LUOL
Alisha Pillay is a singer/songwriter from Vancouver, BC. At the early age of seven, Alisha began taking dance, piano and voice lessons and began writing her own songs by age ten. To date Alisha has won David Foster's Opportunity of a Lifetime Contest, the Shaw Star Discovery contest, Pitbull Promotions "Radio Active" competition and the "BELL Emerging Artist" program. Alisha was also awarded a scholarship to the acclaimed Berklee College of Music and was featured on the Billboard Canadian Update as an emerging artist following the success of her debut single "Convicted". Alisha has also been fortunate to share the stage with David Foster, Josh Groban, Renee Olstead and Sarah McLachlan. An exceptionally versatile writer, dabbling in R&B, Pop and Hip Hop, Alisha has worked on collaborations with Alisha "M'Jestie" Brooks (Rihanna "Pon de Replay"), James Fauntleroy (Chris Brown, Jordin Sparks, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake) Jarvis Church of the Philosopher Kings (Nelly Furtado) and most recently Jenson Vaughan (Madonna, Timbaland, Snoop Dogg) and NOW... Alex Wynn! LIKE her at: alishapillaymusic and follow her at: @alishapillay #LUOL

Back In The Scene

Hammer and I just recently landed back in Vancouver after a week-long vacation in the always sunny Hawaii, and the first show we just HAD to check out was the Nixie, Pigeon Park, Static In The Stars, and a constant Hammer Records favourite, Cruel Young Heart show at Cellar Nightclub. Unfortunately we underestimated the time it would take to skytrain down, and missed the first two bands! We apologize, and will make it up to you both when we can – we promise. J

Once we arrived, we had just enough time to set up, grab a couple beers, make our round of hellos, and head to the front to watch Static In The Stars tear up the stage. This group of men have such a presence and sound on stage, I easily see them opening up for larger and larger acts, and eventually headlining North American tours (in the near future)! Friday’s show was the last one with temp bassist, Dave B from Default, though and they are in the search to fill his shoes. (Our own James Weekes has an audition!) With catchy hooks and melodies, heavy riffs and drums, and strong vocals, Static In The Stars stands out from the crowd. Every performance is a show, and lead singer Jordan Carriere knows perfectly well how to work the audience into a sea of headbangers despite the amount of people who couldn’t make it out! Can’t wait to catch the next show! To keep updated, like/subscribe to Static In The Stars on Facebook!

If I were to name my favourite bands, Cruel Young Heart would certainly top the list (alongside Hedley, Lift Off, and Before Helen of course)! This four-piece Pop-Rock-Dance group has high energy, strong beats, killer vocals and harmonies, and a passion for music so great it rivals our own! A few months back, Cruel Young Heart won the Molson Canadian Cellar Launch Project, and the opportunity to record their new single “Love&War.” After the show, lead singer James Blackmon came and found Hammer and I in order to give us the very first copy – and I must say it ROCKS! From the stage to the studio, the guys of Cruel Young Heart know how to perform with such precision and professionalism –while stealing your heart in the process! Make sure to stop by their Facebook page and give them a like and a listen!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Long Live The Pharaoh

Check out this local producer Rex Pharaoh. Currently writing beats for Hammer Records artist Linus as well as other projects. But I got my hands on one of his past projects entitled "City Of Elephants" by artist Kofi.

A very relaxed album for the most part. Nice chill beats with smooth vocals overtop with a slight edge to them. Some good rhythm and great beats. Album wise would have liked to see some more flow, starting with a chill song then going to a more hype song for example. An album should tell a story if you listen to it front and back, even if its not a concept album but should still have a natural flow. Some good tracks  for sure so check this album out!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Metal To The Masses

Everyone wants that rock star status, but how to obtain it? Well besides the usual way of endless touring to support your music, there is way to get in front of the whole country in one go... television.

Iron Kingdom took things to a whole new level by rocking the small screen! I managed to sit down and get an interview with Chris Osterman (Lead Guitar) while he was taking a break from hunting dragons.

James: First off, how did you enter into the competition? Give us some of the behind the scenes action!
Chris: We had to send in a video and register and all that to be accepted to try out. We sign up for anything that will get us a gig right so we found out and said why not?
  • We got accepted and then had to do an audition. we were then one of 80 chosen acts to play at the show 
    in front of 1800 people

J: What other acts did you see while you were auditioning? Any similar to your sound?
C: haha we'll we know we were completely different than any other act we're competing against, so it made us confident that we had something different you know?

J: What did the judges think? Were they blown away?
C: well at the audition they were very, well they didn't want to say who they liked and who they didn't because we were basically in a hotel room full of maybe 6 acts and we all went one after the other
  • and they didnt get the final say anyway, they wanted us to find out from the producers of the show, who 
    make the final decision

    J: How did it feel once you got the news you would be playing for 1,800 people?
    C: well, we were so surprised that they would even consider a metal band!! we were like really? ok haha we're gonna just rock out how we always do! We honestly didnt even realize how big it was going to be until we looked out into the crowd and man was the awesome the main thing I was thinking was finally I get a stage I can use!!! hahahaha all the bars stages are so small for an act like us that uses every inch of it

    J: How was the sound there? was everything Mic'ed? Was everyone stoked?
    C: well I know Amanda had a minor problem with the mix coming through her monitor, but overall the tech was awsome, everyone loved the stage and cannot wait to get the oppourtunity to play another show like that but for 90 minutes not seconds!

    J: Did you have to make your song shorter?
    C: We made a 6 and a half minute into about 85 seconds!

    J: Whats next? Thoughts? Predictions?
    C: Well no matter what happens for us on Canada Got Talent we will still be playing shows, writing new songs, given everything we have, we arent going to let anyone change that
    • We're making our destiny, we're organizing a tour out to Calgary and Edmonton for July and we're flying out to Toronto this weekend, we're going to show Canada what we have no matter who helps us
      just as our lyrics in our song 'Legions of Metal' say Flying high on wings of steel, this fearsome beast will never kneel!!'

      Be sure to check out their new album Curse Of The Voodoo Queen! Click here for their FACEBOOK

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Give Your Ears A Treat

Check out this new single (live off the floor) from this amazing local Vancouver band Free City Collective

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Getting Bullied

Who likes getting bullied? WE DO! Broadway Bullies that is! After hearing they were playing a spontaneous show at the Library Square Pub after the hockey game we had to go check it out!

Upon arriving we heard the tunes of our friends Azimyth. I've played the Library Square Pub and I know the difficult balance they have to keep between a good listening level for those bar attendees who are just there for the game, and the good listening level for those who want to rock! Also with a limited P.A your amps can't go to high or risk burying the vocals. Azimyth played some good tunes. Getting more into it as their set progressed but I was slightly disheartened at the lack of movement and crowd participation. For having a group of dedicated fans up front and center I would have thought some more rocking out would happen but in a more uptight venue I can see why holding back might prove instinctive.

But the opposite with The Broadway Bullies. Gearing up for their show on Tuesday at the Roxy they didn't hold anything back this show and rocked the stage. Upon starting everyone was sitting down and somewhat disconnected but at the end of their set, they had everyone up and moving and really enjoying themselves! They brought the thunder as they blasted into their set. Nothing short of amazing with grooving rock, epic solos, fat bass, crunchy drums and gritty vocals to complete the sound. The whole band has a certain sense of swag and that just can't be topped. Angus and Christo were up to their usual shenanigans by bouncing their energetic performances off each other. Highlights of the night... multiple flying jump kicks by Angus, rocking Panama by Van Halen and breakdancing at the end of their set.

Always great to see more venues open up to live music and let local bands rock the stage!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hard Rock Thrives In Vancouver

If I had any doubt that Vancouver's new rock venue wouldn't be a smash... I was inspired by Magnetized Productions show at Tunnel. Every friday the nightclub is transformed into a good old fashioned rock and roll venue!

First up was It's Criminal. After missing them at Joe's apartment with Versus The Nothing we made sure to get there early to see the band rip up the stage... literally. This hard rock band was true rock when they blasted their set loud and proud. Great musicians, well written songs, and catchy hooks really made for a great sound. Mix in an in-your-face frontman and you get a recipe for destruction. Rocking out so hard they knocked over mic stands with classic punk rock attitude. Definitely a Hammer Records favourite so please check these guys out. Long live rock and roll! Check their Facebook HERE

Riverview was up next, after setting up. For having a fairly simple set up it took them ages to get their gear up and going. Playing well, but also louder than any of the other bands. The frontman was strong stage presence but was vocally rough around the edges. We at Hammer Records love loud music as much as the next person, but being excessively loud for loud's sake is pushing it a bit. When the sound guy has to crank up the vocals to the point of feedback it means turn down the amps. Specially in a small venue where only so many people are up front. They played great but would like to see them at their next show. Check out their music HERE

Quartered has an amazing history and accomplishments. On tour constantly and having tracks on Rockband are only a couple of great things this band has done. I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with them once in my old band Moniker and they blew my mind. Seeing them again after a year they still blow my mind. Great refined sound of a modern hard rock band. Elements of prog rock mixed in with metal to create a blend tastes which just flow into ones ears. Catchy hooks and sick riffs rekindled my love for Quartered as they blew away the crowd. Using boxes crafted to house lights to shoot up at them as they played they looked and sounded amazing. I could see Quartered rock a small venue, a theatre or even an arena and you would still get such an intimate feeling with such a personable band. Check out their music HERE good luck on your tour!

Once again skytrains wrecked a good crowd. People dispersed having to go catch the last skytrain home and by the time Inside It Failed took to the stage there were only a few dedicated fans left. But that didn't deter them from rocking the stage! All of them had great stage presence and I wish they had a bigger crowd. Great hard rock sound and working hard on spreading their name through the scene! Check them out HERE

Friday, March 2, 2012

And A Winner Steps Forward...

After 3 weeks of bands duking it out, the last 3 bands gave it their all to win the Cellar Launch Project. The top and only prize is recording a new single, web promotion, new photos and shows booked. Sounds pretty good!

Slow Wave Sega was up first playing the heaviest sound of the night. Slighty progressive yet melodic hard rock blasted from the speakers giving the night a good kick off. Super tight riffing along with distinct vocals. Reminds me a bit of a perfect circle but more commercial. Good stage movement but would have liked to see some more movement from the bassist. Great use of vocals having someone for harmonies and someone for heavier vocals, mixing of the tones really brought this band a step up from usual hard rock/metal bands. Also using melodies that are different than one would normally put overtop of such riffs, sometimes a fourth instead of using the standard 5th above the root. Check these guys out HERE

Wintercoast followed up with a 180 degree twist. Going from hard rock to alternative, boarding on folk. But after the first song they had won our hearts over. Such a personal feel with their music and everyone on stage looked like they were dancing their feet off. The front man had a grin on his face the entire set and the lead guitarist looked like he was in a trance. The female back up singer looked nervous at points but seemed to be enjoying herself. We had wished she had owned the stage a bit more, being a back up singer doesn't mean having to stay in the shadows or on the side. Movement is good! Grabbing the microphone off the stand and taking control shows your comfortable with the stage. The band functioned as a fantastic unit and really brought the songs to life. Treat your ears and take a listen HERE

And turning the night on it's head again was Heavy Weight Water Buffalo. A mix of blues, funk, and jazz made everyone start dancing. An energetic sound full of life and energy their grooves were catchy and funky. The front woman commanded the stage with her voice and presence. The band behind her supported her perfectly by taking spotlight every now and then but leaving lots of room for her to sing her heart out. While great vocals, there were a lot of vocal runs and such which really brought it away from being commercial. Not that thats a bad thing, but just sounded more like something you'd see at the Yale (a packed show for sure), but not so much at the Commodore or Rogers arena. These guys were all talented musicians and just blew my mind with their skill! Great solos, harmonies, rhythms and feel. Rose and I even made our way up to dance to their last few tunes. No Facebook page for these guys but give them a search on google!

While everyone was dying to hear the winner of the Launch Project, lots of people were dying to see the special guest... Incura. Taking things a turn for the heavier, Incura proceeded to blow the crowds mind with their brand new tunes. A beautiful blend of heavy riffs and fantastic soft breaks really showing where Vancouver music can go after being honed in by talented musicians for years. Theres no wonder why Coalition Ent/Warner Music signed them, this is a band that all Vancouver bands should look up to. Brilliant front man with unique vocals + shredding vocally talented guitarist + ground shaking bassist + bombastic drummer + singing cinematic pianist = amazing band and brilliant music! Check them out HERE

Finally the winner was announced... The Day He Quit! Congratulations! Amazing band, be sure to check out our video of them posted below. Also check out their full music video and amazing tunes! Can't wait to see what this band does! A big thanks for the Cellar and all our fellow judges for the amazing time. Seeing bands battle it out is apparently in style and both Joe's Apartment and The Roxy will be doing their own versions so stay tuned.

James, signing off!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

#Music Mondays Vancouver

Want to keep in the loop? Know whats going on? Don't know what to do with your self?

WELL....... Check this out! Hopefully will give you some ideas on what to do this week!

New one coming out every week!

We've Got A Screamer!

That quote from Cameron of Lift Off pretty much sums up the night! Two bands with big fan bases but very different sounds took the stage Tuesday night at The Roxy. Now I know if your watching something your not very excited about you might not be up front and centre or even on the floor watching, but I was saddened by a few discouraging shouts from the sitting crowd while Lift Off was on stage. If you don't want to participate in crowd participation then just stay silent instead of shouting out jeers and mocking comments. It was only a couple jerks in the crowd, most of the crowd was supportive and friendly!

                                                              Lift Off put on a show, no other way to say it. Brought extra lights, banners hanging on the wall, and a set crafted perfectly. They are gearing up for heading down south to Texas and I think if they played every show like they did Tuesday night then they will blow the audience away! Even though they have been featured on our page plenty of times, we only see them getting better and better. Crafting their set to be full of energy and crowd participation. Such great personalities on stage and great movement! True Rock and Roll! If you have not checked them out click HERE

Stand Down tore up the room on a different level. Tight heavy riffs, thundering bass and gritty vocals. A mix between Kyuss, Black Label Society and Tool. Frontman Ken Goode rocks that mic harder than Chris Brown hits women! Brilliant frontman, great movement and his whole essence just screams rocks. But a few too many great vocal moments lost from holding the microphone away or at an off angle. In the recordings the vocals are up front and centre and his tone just blows my mind, but live they were a little to buried under the guitar and bass. Running through a vocal processor is a great idea, adding harmonies or effects to really take the vocals to a whole new level, but once again was lost in the mix. The guitar was tight and great movement, really laid down the feeling of the tracks. The bass was thunderous for such a small amp, a couple problems early on but him and his dreadlocks made the stage shake with his low end riffs. The drums were tight and monstrous and keep the tracks moving forward as well as laying it back in halftime feels for choruses and bridges. The band was super tight with each other and made for a great show. Check them out HERE