Saturday, April 28, 2012


From the Victoria band Aivia, comes a cover of one of my favourite bands. Check out this laid back version of Muse's "Exo-Politics"and check out the band HERE

Do The 2Step

We at Hammer Records love when people do covers. We love people taking a song that really means something to them and connecting with it and expressing it their own way. Just people standing in front of webcams singing is fantastic but when people go into the studio and record it, and then film just takes the experience to the next level. Check out this groups cover of local heroes Marianas Trench song "Haven't Had Enough". And be sure to check out the group on Facebook HERE.

A Sun Shines So Bright

PrOphecy Sun is an interesting journey to the middle of your brain where sounds resonates in your skull building like waves crashing onto the shore. After listening to her 3rd album you get a sense of what it is to be a soul inside a body.

PrOphecy sun is a Canadian interdisciplinary performance artist who interphases with sound, movement and installation to create emotive environments. Her works, compositions, videos and collaborations have been exhibited in Canada and abroad. She is a master theremin player, an improvisational looping maestro and an experimental throat singer. Her current musical projects include: prOphecy sun, Tyranahorse, Under the Sun, Her Jazz Noise Collective, Spell and The Adulthood. She is also a performer in two movement collectives: Dance Troupe Practice and So So So.

Her third album Bird curious was recorded almost entirely in her living room using an iPhone, with the exception of one track, recorded while riding her bicycle. Each song was captured live in one take. The compositions focus on the voice as a symbol of the unconscious, capturing the immediacy of emotive textures and sounds that live inside her head. Her rhythms are of day dreams, future visions and of lost love serenades.

Check out the Facebook page HERE

Increase Your Music Library By The Tenfold!

Mixing the sounds of Great Big Sea, Green Day and a hint of Blink 182 so create a great sounding rock tune. Their single "I Wanna Know" is a catchy 90's sounding anthem. Using great songwriting and pop hooks, vocal harmonies and doubling they came up with a very professional sounding song. The recording and mixing of the single doesn't quite do them justice. I think with a bit of a budget behind them they could produce some very interesting songs!

Check out their tunes on their Facebook page HERE and go listen to their single!

They have upcoming shows here:

May 24th - The Roxy- Vancouver 
May 29th- The Roxy- Vancouver encore show
May 31st- The Bourbon- Gastown
June 19th- The Backstage Lounge- Vancouver

Go support local music!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Otherside of Heaven

Check out this track James played piano on for the local band Aviator Shades! It's pretty low down in the mix but if your push your ears you can hear it. Great song though. They are looking for members so if you like what you hear go and get in contact! Check them out on FACEBOOK


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Look, New Sound!

We headed down to Joe's to hear Kristen Karma's new single, and were surprised by the bands before her! Such a great lineup, but due to it being Good Friday the crowd was a little thin. Yet it didn't stop the Faceplants from tearing up the stage!

This was just a feel good, sound good band. Such a great vibe about these guys. First off, what a voice! Fun melodic vocals that was never too serious. Always moving around but always hitting his notes. Great guitar playing by both players. Solid riffs, great chord voicing, and fun uptempo songs! A very commercial sound reminded us of Hedley and Zebrahead. This band impressed us with not only their music but their stage presence and antics. At once point while covering "Bad Touch" they were dancing in unison on stage true bloodhound gang style! After their set they came and said hi and were super personable. Go and check them out on FACEBOOK.

ByStarlight was up next! It was our first time hearing about these guys and seeing them on stage. They are a very commercial band from everything about their look to their sound. The auto-tune effect was great for a couple of songs but got old, especially when none of their recordings use the auto-tune effect. Their recordings sounded more like a solo singer instead of a band. So we were pleasantly surprised to see a full band. Nice full sound to this band, huge sounding bass which eq'ed perfectly with the kick to provide excellent bottom end rumble which during one song made the air literally shake. Pretty good stage presence, good movement and a great frontman. Was a little disappointed when the bassist's synth didn't work and instead of just rocking out, clapping, or picking up his bass he just sat the song out with his beer. Go dance in the crowd! There was a time when my guitar strings broke and I ran into the crowd and headbanged to my own songs because my 2nd guitar had been stolen earlier that night. But definitely check these guys out on FACEBOOK.

Kristen Karma was up next with a new edgy look! Hanging up her tutu she was rocking leather leggings, heels and her usual corset. Her new song at the beginning of night was slightly edgier than her past songs and gave her a more dark look. Sad that her backing tracks were really bass heavy and had to be tweaked as the song went along to prevent feedback. Her new band rocked hard! The usual drummer rocking the kit, Hachiman guitarist Nick Morrison shredding up a storm, and the brand new bassist who laid the foundation,  a great lineup! Playing a mix of new and old songs along with her cover of "Forget You" the set went off well to her group of dedicated fans. If you havent checked out her page from the other shows we've covered then click HERE.

A great start of the night! We were off to Surrey after the show for another band!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting

Is anyone reading this familiar with the lyric "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting"? because my Saturday night certainly was... Fighting For Ithaca that is!

604 Records band, Fighting For Ithaca co-headlined Kieran Strange's sold out EP release show at Tom Lee Music Hall on Granville with special guests Halfway To Hollywood and It's Criminal.

The last time we saw It's Criminal they were playing a 19+ show at Tunnel Nightclub; so to hear they were playing an all ages event at Tom Lee Music Hall we wondered how the mostly young crowd would take them. Like the last show, they played their heavy riffs and licks, nailed the vocals, and whipped the crowd into a frenzy. Seeing thirteen year old guys and girls headbanging reminds me of my childhood, and the shows I went to then (Theset, Stufferfly, Acres Of Lions)! It's Criminal was certainly the heaviest band of the night and they were received well by the audience. To Check them out go to their FACEBOOK PAGE.

I was really excited to finally get to see Halfway to Hollywood. The first post I ever wrote for Hammer Records was actually a review of their 2 song EP. A year later (almost to the day) I finally got to see them take the stage. Despite a few technical difficulties, this pop-rock band rocked the stage. They have super cute, relatable lyrics, great vocal talent, catchy instrumentation and the right image! With all of that and their smiling personalities, Halfway to Hollywood have won the hearts of many young fans so check them out on FACEBOOK.

Kieran Strange is a very unique individual. From her pink and black hair and Hunger Games pin, to her awesome British accent and Punk-Pop style; she's a force to be reckoned with in the Vancouver pop scene. She commands the stage and catches peoples attention with interesting lyrics, a dynamic voice and strong musical backing by a crew of musically gifted personalities. She's friendly, outgoing, strong minded and over all reminds me of a manga character! She is blowing up all over north America and is quite often traveling abroad to spread her music. Her new EP "Adamantine Heart" was just released that night, and it has a fantastic sound. Make sure to get your copy and check her out on FACEBOOK!

Fighting For Ithaca was recently picked up by 604 Records here in Vancouver, and you can tell they have a slightly more commercial sound than they used to, but they still "kick ass" to put it so boldly. Veterans in the scene, these fellas know how to perform. There were very few pitchy points in what was a near perfect vocal performance, due to what seemed like inexperience with in-ear moniters. The band played fantastically with their usual energetic actions- jump kicks and headbanging. The new guitarist appeared to fit well within this fun-loving group of guys and definitely held his own on stage in front of a packed audience. Every show we've seen of Fighting For Ithaca's has been one to remember. These guys are going places... fast! If you haven't yet liked them on FACEBOOK, I suggest you should!

Over all we were very happy to have had the chance to catch this incredible line up. Thanks to Sam from Secret Revolution for hooking us up with tickets!

Keep Rockin'!


Monday, April 2, 2012

A Match Made In Heaven

Friday night was one hell of a night of music and friends! Each Friday Tunnel nightclub throws what's called "Fridays Rock @ Tunnel", and this past show had a seriously incredible line up.

The first band was Krome. These fellas had a veteran musician sort of vibe to them as they hit the stage. My first thoughts were that they'd make a good bar band, but I wasn't blown away.. yet. About the third song into their set I started to warm up to them more and more. Their star potential must have kicked in or something because they went from good to freaking fantastic! They had nice steady riffs and great lead work from their front man and lead gutiarist. Catchy vocal hooks kept our ears happy while their friendly personalities kept smiles on our faces. Then bringing in a guest vocalist they laid down a few tracks which had a very 90's vibe which was fantastic. Why don't more bands have a hip-hop rock fusion anymore? Bring it back! Was a little sad to see their dedicated fans sit on the side line the whole time. If you're there for the show why sit at the sides or at the back while a band plays? Even if it's not the band you are here to see go support the band, you are there anyway... why not go stand up front? (Small rant from James).

Always a great pleasure to see our friends The Broadway Bullies rock the stage. This was actually their last show in Vancouver before heading down to L.A to work on an upcoming album with Mike Plotnikoff (Aerosmith, Kiss, Motley Crüe and Van Halen) So we were excited too give them a proper send off. Each "Bully" has their own unique "swagger" on stage that catches your eye, but together their personalities are what really help make a show, a show. Their lead singer reminds me of characters from both Footloose and Hairspray complete with Rock N' Roll moves and a comb in his pocket, not to mention his amazing gritty voice! Christo supplies amazing guitar riffs and melodies that will steal your heart. Thumping true rock and roll bass provides the perfect ground layer for al their grooves and swag. Motley Crüe style drums make your head bob and your legs groove. Seeing them live you really admire just how much of themselves they put into every song and performance. These guys are about to skyrocket so hop on the Bully Train now and like them on FACEBOOK!

Headlining the show was none other than One Bad Son! Now this is a band I can see at Rogers Arena. They've opened up for Godsmack, Buckcherry and Default. They have an amazing tone and great gear, with tight riffs and a larger than life sound. Each member has an epic stage presence and are super friendly and outgoing on and off stage! They're releasing a new album soon and we can't wait to hear it! Check out their website HERE

Bad To The Bone, In A Good Way!

Thursday night Hammer and I finally got to make it down to Joe's Apartment on Granville to check out their new battle of the bands competition. Due to other work, we only caught one band and it was Bad Johnny Law!

A few months back we saw these guys playing the Great Bear Pub on Kingsway to a packed restaurant enviroment. It was a interesting show but Thursday at Joe's really took them up ten spots into my fav. local band category. With a brand new female vocalist, this local rock group has the potential to get out there. A very marketable sound, solid instrumentation and great songwriting skills make them a force to be reckoned with. Still a long way to go, but off to a good start! Check out their FACEBOOK PAGE.

Keep Rockin'!