Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting

Is anyone reading this familiar with the lyric "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting"? because my Saturday night certainly was... Fighting For Ithaca that is!

604 Records band, Fighting For Ithaca co-headlined Kieran Strange's sold out EP release show at Tom Lee Music Hall on Granville with special guests Halfway To Hollywood and It's Criminal.

The last time we saw It's Criminal they were playing a 19+ show at Tunnel Nightclub; so to hear they were playing an all ages event at Tom Lee Music Hall we wondered how the mostly young crowd would take them. Like the last show, they played their heavy riffs and licks, nailed the vocals, and whipped the crowd into a frenzy. Seeing thirteen year old guys and girls headbanging reminds me of my childhood, and the shows I went to then (Theset, Stufferfly, Acres Of Lions)! It's Criminal was certainly the heaviest band of the night and they were received well by the audience. To Check them out go to their FACEBOOK PAGE.

I was really excited to finally get to see Halfway to Hollywood. The first post I ever wrote for Hammer Records was actually a review of their 2 song EP. A year later (almost to the day) I finally got to see them take the stage. Despite a few technical difficulties, this pop-rock band rocked the stage. They have super cute, relatable lyrics, great vocal talent, catchy instrumentation and the right image! With all of that and their smiling personalities, Halfway to Hollywood have won the hearts of many young fans so check them out on FACEBOOK.

Kieran Strange is a very unique individual. From her pink and black hair and Hunger Games pin, to her awesome British accent and Punk-Pop style; she's a force to be reckoned with in the Vancouver pop scene. She commands the stage and catches peoples attention with interesting lyrics, a dynamic voice and strong musical backing by a crew of musically gifted personalities. She's friendly, outgoing, strong minded and over all reminds me of a manga character! She is blowing up all over north America and is quite often traveling abroad to spread her music. Her new EP "Adamantine Heart" was just released that night, and it has a fantastic sound. Make sure to get your copy and check her out on FACEBOOK!

Fighting For Ithaca was recently picked up by 604 Records here in Vancouver, and you can tell they have a slightly more commercial sound than they used to, but they still "kick ass" to put it so boldly. Veterans in the scene, these fellas know how to perform. There were very few pitchy points in what was a near perfect vocal performance, due to what seemed like inexperience with in-ear moniters. The band played fantastically with their usual energetic actions- jump kicks and headbanging. The new guitarist appeared to fit well within this fun-loving group of guys and definitely held his own on stage in front of a packed audience. Every show we've seen of Fighting For Ithaca's has been one to remember. These guys are going places... fast! If you haven't yet liked them on FACEBOOK, I suggest you should!

Over all we were very happy to have had the chance to catch this incredible line up. Thanks to Sam from Secret Revolution for hooking us up with tickets!

Keep Rockin'!


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