Monday, April 2, 2012

A Match Made In Heaven

Friday night was one hell of a night of music and friends! Each Friday Tunnel nightclub throws what's called "Fridays Rock @ Tunnel", and this past show had a seriously incredible line up.

The first band was Krome. These fellas had a veteran musician sort of vibe to them as they hit the stage. My first thoughts were that they'd make a good bar band, but I wasn't blown away.. yet. About the third song into their set I started to warm up to them more and more. Their star potential must have kicked in or something because they went from good to freaking fantastic! They had nice steady riffs and great lead work from their front man and lead gutiarist. Catchy vocal hooks kept our ears happy while their friendly personalities kept smiles on our faces. Then bringing in a guest vocalist they laid down a few tracks which had a very 90's vibe which was fantastic. Why don't more bands have a hip-hop rock fusion anymore? Bring it back! Was a little sad to see their dedicated fans sit on the side line the whole time. If you're there for the show why sit at the sides or at the back while a band plays? Even if it's not the band you are here to see go support the band, you are there anyway... why not go stand up front? (Small rant from James).

Always a great pleasure to see our friends The Broadway Bullies rock the stage. This was actually their last show in Vancouver before heading down to L.A to work on an upcoming album with Mike Plotnikoff (Aerosmith, Kiss, Motley Crüe and Van Halen) So we were excited too give them a proper send off. Each "Bully" has their own unique "swagger" on stage that catches your eye, but together their personalities are what really help make a show, a show. Their lead singer reminds me of characters from both Footloose and Hairspray complete with Rock N' Roll moves and a comb in his pocket, not to mention his amazing gritty voice! Christo supplies amazing guitar riffs and melodies that will steal your heart. Thumping true rock and roll bass provides the perfect ground layer for al their grooves and swag. Motley Crüe style drums make your head bob and your legs groove. Seeing them live you really admire just how much of themselves they put into every song and performance. These guys are about to skyrocket so hop on the Bully Train now and like them on FACEBOOK!

Headlining the show was none other than One Bad Son! Now this is a band I can see at Rogers Arena. They've opened up for Godsmack, Buckcherry and Default. They have an amazing tone and great gear, with tight riffs and a larger than life sound. Each member has an epic stage presence and are super friendly and outgoing on and off stage! They're releasing a new album soon and we can't wait to hear it! Check out their website HERE

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