Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's Good To Be Alone

Hammer Records was invited to cover the shooting of SplitTRACT's new music video for their upcoming single "Alone". It was an awesome day and great location to shoot. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and keep up to date of when the official video comes out! Check our behind the scenes footage below:

Check out SplitTRACT on Facebook HERE.
Check out 1000 Mile Films website HERE.
and check out our behind the scenes photos HERE.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Good To Be Ugly

Sometimes, it's the fun projects that become the best projects. When a group of musicians from different bands come together to create something fun, you can almost guarantee it will be epic, fun and most definitely pure madness. When you're creating music "for fun" instead of "writing for the band," the music takes on a whole new flavour. New ideas tend to blossom and be followed through until perfection is obtained.

Ugly Men is a combination of Seasons To Attack (Jonathan Wu), Incura (Phil Gardner) and It's Criminal (Scott Whalen). This band is taking the words "dirty" and "gritty" to a whole new level! They've been busy playing a slew of shows and crunching out an album in the studio! Their first single, "Interea," has been blasting from my speakers for the past hour. Starting with the crunchiest, dirtiest bass I've ever heard, this track launches into a mix of Rage Against the Machine, Rob Zombie, and a touch of Children Of Bodom.

I'm now dying to hear the full album and you should be too. This is the kind of music that should be dominating 99.3 The Fox, not Mumford and Sons. (No Offence to Mumford and Son, I quite like their music. However,  I do believe more "stereotypical" ROCK should be played on the Fox!) I'm wanting to see a dark industrial music video done for this single!

So, check out this band and get your hands on their music quick! Their Facebook is HERE.

Click HERE to get their new single and hear what I've just been ranting and raving about!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lord Loss

James and I teamed up a while back to write an original song based off a character in one of my favourite book series'. We've recently finished mixing and mastering and are now ready to share this version of the song with the world.

This song can be interpreted in many ways, however, my inspiration for the lyric came from Darren Shan's character, Lord Loss, from his award winning book series, The Demonata. In this piece, I'm looking at things from his [Lord Loss'] perspective, rather than the protagonists' of the series. I find that it's always interesting hearing the flip side of a story as it may change your whole perspective.
Please enjoy!

Darren Shan's reply upon hearing, Lord Loss.

"Lord Loss"
Written and Performed by Rose Weekes
Composed by James Weekes
Recorded, Mixed at Hammer Records Ltd.
Mastered at Sage Audio

Rose Weekes 

Hammer Records

Sage Audio

Darren Shan

Thursday, January 9, 2014


The saying "building a bridge to nowhere" is used quite often, however, Bridges To Royal are sure building a bridge to somewhere...Rock City! This tale starts off in high school where two budding guitarists meet and start to create something exciting. The band snowballs and soon it's a fully functioning machine of music.

Their first single, "On Display," sums up the band's sound into a perfect 2 minute song. Modern Rock riffs with a hint of classic Blues Rock thrown in for good measure. A well produced sound reminiscent of good old 90's rock and roll. Releasing their EP at Joe's Apartment to a full house is always a good sign that you're going in the right direction.

Keep your eyes on these boys and keep your ears open! Check out their Facebook page HERE.

What Was Your Prom Like?

I remember playing in bands and we'd be trying to pick our 'genre.' I find playing in a certain genre always limits your creativity. Let's say you write a cool song or riff but it just doesn't fit your 'genre;' should you just put it away and not touch it?

Fantasy Prom is all about exploring those different directions and creating music with no boundaries. Fusing all different sounds together, you sometimes get a pop taste, then a hint of punk followed by a dose of indie alternative. Fantasy Prom ties all these sounds together with calm melodic vocals, upbeat drums and thick bass. Having those constants allows the guitars to really add layers of texture and sound. Great use of effects throughout the whole album. The sound really envelops you as you listen to each track, building their own audio world.

Go check out these musical crusaders and give their Facebook page a like and their tunes a listen!
Click right HERE.

Say Something.. You've Left Us Speechless!

Frankie Cena and Gelsy got together to produce a beautiful, and powerful cover of A Great Big World and Christina Aguilara's "Say Something." We met Frankie a couple of years ago at an audition, and thought his voice had a unique, intriguing yet marketable quality to it. This is a gorgeous rendition of the song, and really capture's the essence of Frankie's voice. Speaking honestly, it gave me chills. 
Please enjoy.

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Sky Is The Limit

Vancouver Island is always included when we mention the "Vancouver" music scene, because without some of the killer, hardworking and talented bands from the island, the scene wouldn't survive. It's something about having to take a ferry and travel that makes these bands that cross the sea just stand out more. Perhaps it's that it takes a level of dedication to push your art away from your home town and into the "Big City." What ever the case, we are happy that they do it!

Trace The Sky just released two singles off their upcoming album "Messages." These are two heavy hitting, hard rock/metal tunes that push melodic metal to a more commercial sound. These two songs really make me excited to see them live! In particular, "Nova" (1st video below), hit home with a nice heavy backing but enough melodic hooks to make sure radio stations like The Fox would play it. Their first single, "Lesson Learned," had actually more of a progressive sound to the tune. Kind of hopping back and forth between musical styles, while the vocals tie everything together. Really cool video showing all the different parts being played as well.

Definitely go check out this band that has done so much in such a small amount of time! The birthchild of "Dead Eyes Open" and "The Perfect Trend." Click HERE for their Facebook page.


Pop Punk rockers, The Deadset, have released a new music video with their new single "New Anthem." Starting with an awesome oldschool comic style intro, stating that the world has fallen to dead-walkers and that the Deadset are playing a final show before the apocalypse.

This is one of my favourite releases by the Deadset so far! The chorus was stuck in my head for days after hearing it for the first time. Some awesome guitar licks too, specially near the end of the song. Super tight mixing and production value on the song. Reminisant of old AFI, Bad Religion, and Alien Ant Farm. This could have been on a Tony Hawk skater game and would have fit in perfectly!

Some cool video techquenes as well. The overlapping of images really adds to the post apocalyptic, chaotic world. The dead-walker make up was well used and the scenes where they overtake the band are just awesome to watch.

Be sure to check out the video below, and their Facebook page HERE.