Friday, January 24, 2014

Good To Be Ugly

Sometimes, it's the fun projects that become the best projects. When a group of musicians from different bands come together to create something fun, you can almost guarantee it will be epic, fun and most definitely pure madness. When you're creating music "for fun" instead of "writing for the band," the music takes on a whole new flavour. New ideas tend to blossom and be followed through until perfection is obtained.

Ugly Men is a combination of Seasons To Attack (Jonathan Wu), Incura (Phil Gardner) and It's Criminal (Scott Whalen). This band is taking the words "dirty" and "gritty" to a whole new level! They've been busy playing a slew of shows and crunching out an album in the studio! Their first single, "Interea," has been blasting from my speakers for the past hour. Starting with the crunchiest, dirtiest bass I've ever heard, this track launches into a mix of Rage Against the Machine, Rob Zombie, and a touch of Children Of Bodom.

I'm now dying to hear the full album and you should be too. This is the kind of music that should be dominating 99.3 The Fox, not Mumford and Sons. (No Offence to Mumford and Son, I quite like their music. However,  I do believe more "stereotypical" ROCK should be played on the Fox!) I'm wanting to see a dark industrial music video done for this single!

So, check out this band and get your hands on their music quick! Their Facebook is HERE.

Click HERE to get their new single and hear what I've just been ranting and raving about!

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