Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Little Travel Goes A Long Way

Last night Hammer and I traveled all the way to Langley, BC to the only rock venue in town - the Troubador Club! And ROCK is exactly what it does! It's a great venue with a big dance floor, huge stage, lots of seating, and amazing sound! Three bands took the stage last night, A Frosty Comet, Cruel Young Heart, and The Proper Villains.

 The first to hit the stage was A Frosty Comet. They had a lot of energy and worked the stage well. Besides some guitar trouble in the beginning of the set, they had a really tight, amazing sound. Though they played a lot of covers, it really worked for them - and the crowd! As an opening band, you don't expect many people to be on the dance floor, but A Frosty Comet surprised all and had many ladies dancing up a storm! I would certainly recommend anyone to check these guys out!

Next up was Cruel Young Heart! Now, I didn't know what to expect from this local Langley band, having never heard them before - but they stole my heart, and have now been placed as my favourite local band! I couldn't stop dancing, jumping, and singing along during their entire set, along with many many other ladies, AND lads! These men had amazing stage presence, fun costume changes, GREAT songs (instrumental wise, as well as lyrically!), and they even gave me a gift-wrapped present at the end of their fourth or fifth song! Inside was their four-song, self titled, EP. Needless to say, we listened to it on repeat all the way home! DEFINITELY make sure to check these guys out!

Last but certainly not least was The Proper Villains. This name might sound familiar to you, and that's because you've heard their song "Your Heart" played on 94.5 The Beat a few times daily. This dynamic group is certainly making a name for themselves! After the Cruel Young Heart set, I wasn't too sure how TPV would come across, knowing only their two singles myself, but they wowed everyone! The vocal performance was great, the energy was fantastic, and the instrumentals were so tight! I think I saw everyone in the place dancing! They even invited anyone who wanted to to come up on the stage and dance with them during their last number. It goes without saying that I was definitely up there! This group is one to keep your eye, and ear! on, and I suggest you all check them out on their journey to the top!

To all those wanting to see the video of them dancing its on the way!
Bands, if you want all the pictures please email

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Blondes Have More Fun?

Roxy's Interview with Top 3 Seeds Finalists Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Monday, July 25, 2011

"Will You" Check Out Diamond Dancer?

For anyone who likes bands such as Explosions In The Sky and/or Mineral, you will dig the sound of Diamond Dancer. I got the chance to hear their upcoming EP, "Will You?" before it drops tomorrow, July 26th. The album was recorded and mastered by super indie engineer, Stuart McKillop, at Raincity Records. The best way to describe their sound would be that they have "somber music accompanied by shy yet heartfelt vocals, singing in all seriousness about mundane problems." These were my thoughts on "Will You?"

The first track on the album is titled, "Only If You Believe In The Power Of Friendship." It is an instrumental piece with a soothing sound, and cool riffs and melodies. The end of the song leads right into the second track flawlessly. You'd almost think it just to be an extra long intro, but no, this is what we would call a "concept album." Where each song flows effortlessly into the next! Definitely a cool idea for a sound like this.

The next track is titled, "Lost In Echo Park." In this song, there are strong male vocals which intertwine melodically with that of the instruments. It's a really cool idea if you can pull it off well; which is exactly what they have done!

The third song is entitled, "Bellis Fair." The vocals in this song are very soft, and seem to have a very heartfelt feel. Again, the instruments have an almost "calming" sound to them. The members of this band seem to work magically together, to pull off that perfect 90s emo/emocore/indie rock-esque sound - which I believe is what they were aiming for!

Now the fourth song, "Sleepling In Mount Pleasant," surprised me for a moment when I heard a female vocalist. At first it was a little hard to hear her soft vocals, that blended in with the music in the background, but once I tuned my full attention on the song, I could easily pick out her vocals, and the lyrics she was singing.

The fifth and final track is "Long Distance Relationships Rarely Work Out." This track seemed a little daunting at first, being 7 minutes and 41 seconds long - but once I heard it, I could understand why! Diamond Dancer seemed to throw in all that they've got to offer in this song. With an intro of about 1min 10secs long, they showcased some beautiful instrumental work, and then the male vocals came in, nice and strong, and extremely emotive! They then traded off with the soft, melodic sound of the female vocals. Also, throughout the track they had a nice showcasing of "twinkly" guitar riffs, wicked drum beats, and just an overall great sound. Both heavier and softer. This is a track made for all to love!

For more on Diamond Dancer, check out their website, and Facebook Page!
You can also see them play live at Astoria tomorrow the 26th, alongside Pizza Sub (ex yousayparty) & Bath House (ex Doers)! OR, if you can't make that show so last minute, you can catch them at the Media Club on August 11th.
Until Next Time...

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Videos from Lift Off, Between Takes, and The Grand

The Grand

Between Takes

Lift Off

Right On Point

The Grand has been featured on Hammer Records multiple times because i really dig their sound. Some catchy tunes and a great sound. I've been trying to see them at all different venues to measure their sound at different levels. A close intimate feel really made them shine at The Point in PoCo. They rocked the stage in their usual cool calm collected manner. Great set

To See Photos Click:


Roxy and I travelled to Maple Ridge to a first for Hammer Records , a strip club. Rock and metal combined with half naked women all jammed into a room with HUGE speakers. Was definitely  a crazy experience. Sadly we just weren't feeling great that night and a few creepy folks in the venue made us depart after the first band. Big sorry to Angel Down for not being able to see their set! We owe them some photos for their next show for sure. Great band check them out!

But the first band we did catch was Six Gun Confederacy. An amazing combination of punk and rock with some hot shredding licks thrown in for good measure! Reminds me a bit of the band Turbonegro but more raw and ragged. Trying to fit in with the strippers they had their shirts off all through their set. Such aggressive sound and wild movements made for a great show.

For Pictures click:

Pretty Music In The Park

Ive been a fan of Familia since I had heard their music on myspace. And even more once I saw them live at The Forum and saw their energy combined with their amazing live sound. A true band so in tune with their music. So I was excited to travel all the way to Maple Ridge to see them play live at a country festival. Apparently they had played a set before the one at eight. So by the time they started playing the crowd was a little thin but they were loving it. I loved seeing them play and their sound was amazing. I have a video being uploaded soon! Excited to see them next. If you haven't seen them or heard them yet do so!

To See Pictures:

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Roxy At The Roxy! Party On!

The Roxy located on Granville Street, downtown Vancouver, BC is one hell of a venue. It's packed full of people every night, dancing until closing at four a.m! Here are a couple of party pics from the other night! Enjoy!


Friday, July 22, 2011

Twisted Iron

I've heard many things about The Yale. Mostly that its a blues bar with an amazing stage but wont let you in if your under 30. Half of that is right. Absolutely amazing huge stage, incredible sound system and great lights. But we got in, though we did get some looks. The crowd was defiantly older than the usual metal show. I was curious on how they would react to Iron Kingdoms double full stacks and double kick. But i forgot this crowd grew up with Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica, and all the classic metal bands that still roam this earth!

Iron Kingdom (formally known as Twisted) took the stage and its the best I've seen them play yet! Very strong stage presence as usual from them but exceptionally better performance from their rhythm guitarist and bass player. Headbanging and moving around they looked ready to take over the world with their metal. Their backing vocals had greatly improved too and I could hear some harmonies! A couple technical issues with patch chords but other than that it was a flawless show. Always showing off new ideas, their new songs sound super tight and I cant wait to hear their upcoming EP. Playing a solid set of old and new tunes and ending off with a classic "Rock You Like A Hurricane" was a perfect end. Catch our interview with them shortly!

To See The Pictures Click:

Take A Chug Of Southern Death

Last night I found myself at the Roxy yet again, for another fantastic show. (I'm starting to think we're becoming regulars there..) Anyways! On the bill for last night was All Else Fails from Edmonton, AB and Southern Death Threat from here in Vancouver, BC.

All Else Fails has been among my favourite punk/rock/metal bands for a while now, and I was thrilled to see them rock the stage. Their performance completely blew me away! From switching positions across the stage, headbanging, and interacting with the crowd in such unique ways to their tights riffs and instrumentals, amazing vocal dynamics, and almost poetic lyrics. What a show! At one point, Barrett, lead vocalist and guitarist, jumped off the stage and made his way up on a banister to go wail on the guitar. Now is that true entertainment or what? The only thing negative I can say is that I wish the crowd had been a bit more lively and had come rock out with me front and center! But with a set starting at 8:30PM, and at the Roxy to boot, it's to be a little expected. I hope to see them come back soon!

The second band on the bill, headlining the show, was Southern Death Threat. Man those guys can fucking rock! The vocals, the intruments, the energy - all insanely amazing! Had me dancing and headbanging the whole set. Fortunately for this band, the crowd was a little more into it, which I think really amped up the performance level. During one song, the lead singer, Nick Oszinski, pulled me onto the stage, as the only "hot" female up front, to dance and shake my ass to their sound. It was definitely a memorable performance! I'd recommend everyone to check these guys out on their on-going, cross-Canada tour.

To see photos click

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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Here are the videos from the Ska night!

The Fundamentals

Rude City Riot


The Resignators

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Not Just A Sheep In The Herd

Check out Roxy's interview with Top 3 Vancouver Seeds band Head Of The Herd!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


New Hammer Radio!
Bands: Tortorex and The Killed Spirits
Interview with hosts from Riffs Not Riots
and tons of shows coming up!

HR3 Tortorex, The Killed Spirits, and Riffs Not Riots by HammerRadio

Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Rude Moment

My one on one interview with Scott from Rude City Riot about their show at Joe's Apartment and their upcoming album.

Loud and Proud

Check out Roxy's interview with Top 3 Seeds finalists Louder Than Love

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Supernova Explodes

So Ive never been a fan of Supernova. I've played at three of their shows, and seen countless band get ripped off by them. First off, no money goes back to the bands and at 12 dollars a ticket... that's a lot of money. I know its not cheap to put on a show but some of the productions of the shows just shows you how much money they are putting back... no impressed. Secondly I know at least 2 bands that have "won" the big prize and have yet to receive anything. What is up with that? So that being said, it is a great venue for underage bands to play. Normally all ages show are hard to set up and hard to get a crowd and such. And i know young bands don't know where to turn and don't have the connections to put together a show themselves. But i think another form should come forth. Get rid of this Supernova. But thats just my thoughts.

I only came for a few bands and was shocked when i entered the room. It was full of chairs and people sitting, like a piano concert. I can see why chairs are nice when you have parents who want to watch. But it definitely takes away from the "show" kind of vibe. So first i saw was Community Trees. And indeed tree'sy they were. Sounded good but the whole banjo vibe just wasn't doing it for me. Talented voice, but just there isn't much of a scene out there for this type of music. But who knows, maybe they will create one.

Up next was Plastic Soldiers. Weird name so i didnt know what to expect but they were amazingly talented for their age. I can tell they are jazz influenced. Songs were very progressive but still maintained structure which i enjoyed. My favorite was their final song. Definitely worth to check them out. I could see they were raised on classic rock. Not much hint of modern rock in their sound which was something very pleasant to the ear. Give them another 10 years and they will be amazing!

Split Theory was a whole different beast all together. With a very Avenged Sevenfold vibe they blew the crowd away with their heaviness. I loved seeing shocked faces on some of the older more conservative crowds faces. They had a group of dedicated fans who cheers them on and during their final song rushed the stage and headbanged and moshed. It was the first time I had ever seen moshing at Tom Lee Music hall. The promoters looked fearful as kids pushed each other and danced to Split Theory's crushing riffs. All the musical ideas were there but some songs weren't quite tight yet. I bet once they get their first album recorded at an actual studio the songs will sound amazing. Cant wait to the see the next show. 

To See pictures click:

More Riffing, Less Riots

8 Bands, 1 Amazing Venue, Great sound, Good drinks, plus a great cause means a great night! Thanks to all the bands Depressing, Anion, Abriosis,  Weirding, Galgamex, Ancients, Black Wizard, and Titans Eve. Thanks to all the sponsers! Such an epic night of metal! Wasted Wednesday!

Due to work at the studio we ended up late and caught Weirding halfway through their set. Great stoner metal riffs. Nice and sludgy. Nice and full sound. Super tight drumming and very melodic and catchy riffs. Vocals cut through nicely. Each riff building and changing into something new. Sick Band.

Galgamex rocked the stage next, playing their whole set with two guitars, drums and vocals. Very tight riffing. Two amazing shredding guitarists. Just melted faces. The drummer had hair that flew around him like a demon as he wailed on his kit. The singer roamed the stage as if he had ADD and headbanged like a madman. Great stage presence as he roared and screamed and even spit at the crowd. Sadly his vocals were buried under the guitars and you could bearly hear his epic screams.

Ancients had an amazing sound. Very melodic but super heavy. Reminds me a lot of Mastadon. Loved their sound. Great players. Progressive metal but loved it. Perfect bass riffs to keep the feeling. Long vocals over chugging riffs. Not much else to say, super sick band. Be sure to check out the video coming soon. Id love to go see them again.

Black Wizard is one of my favorite Vancouver bands so far. So genuine to their music. They live the life are tales told by greats such as Metallica, Guns N Roses, Motely Crue, such as living on bearly anything for the love of music and epic partiers. Their music reminds me of Black Sabbath mixed with Iron Maiden with hints of Judas Priest in there. But such an Kyuss feel as well. After some minor technical difficulty they started underway. With a new guitarist I hoped they had maintained their sound and was excited to hear they had not only maintained but improved their sound. Heavier, dirtier, with a slightly more shred feel. Good set! I hear after their next show they are going to take a break and write some more! Stoked!

To wrap up the night was Titans Eve. Just having been on a 2 month tour they were ready to rock the home stage for a good sized crowd of dedicated followers. Amazing band. One of Vancouver's tightest metal bands I've seen. Sick riffs, catchy choruses, epic solos, pounding basslines, and.. amazing drumming. As the video is coming showing Casey Ors skills on the skins as he does an amazing drum solo before they launch into "Immortal". Reminds me a bit of Children Of Bodom mixed with Motorhead. Sick Set!

Thanks again to all the promoters/sponsers/and fans who made this night possible. An audio interview with the leaders of that night will be posted on the next Hammer Radio so stay tuned and STAY HAMMERED


To See All the Pictures:

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Flavours of Anger

Hardcore is very much alive and kicking in Vancouver and Rose and I were proud to go support the scene at a little known venue called the "W2 Media Cafe". At the name i expected a small venue but was impressed when I entered a huge cavernous room. A decent sized group of fans were moshing to this wall of sound created by the first band. Special thanks to Lynzaii Mae the promoter for having Hammer Records out.

The first band by the name of Anchoress totally blew the lid off that place with their tight energetic riffs and screams. The drums were pounding away as if the world was ending and the crowd agreed and moshed like there was no tomorrow. One of the only local bands on the bill they proved to be a great warm up to the night. Getting the room nice and hot for the bands to follow.

While we were interviewing the first band we missed the start of the set of the next band, Deadbeat, and sadly my camera batteries died so we had to run to the car to get the charger and ended up missing most of the set. The 2nd local Vancouver band. But from what we caught it was super heavy sound. Great players. Sad to have missed most of their set but will be checking them out at their next show!

Keeping up the rage was Molotov Solution played a super sick set. Every band i find has one guy truly committed to the cause and the bassist seem as if his whole life was dedicated to the scene. Slapping his bass like a naughty hooker. The singer put on a great show as he made his rounds up on stage. Even trading off screams with the singer from Anchoress during one song. The crowd received it well and headbanged passionately. Great set.

The last band all the way from down in California were Lionheart. Very dynamic band. The songs sounded very epic and I bet the album sounds amazing. Every member of the band looked like they had lived the scene their whole life. Great stage presence from each band. Really getting the remaining crowd hyped and definitely woke up anyone sleeping in the audience with their bombastic metal. Starting a number of circle pits and the crowd was the most enthusiastic, dancing, punching, moshing, and thrashing like possessed demons.  Great way to end the night!

Thanks again for Indiestar and all the bands for putting on a great night! Videos of all the sets coming soon!

Click for photos:

3, 2, 1, LIFTOFF!

Another night at Joe's Apartment! Great venue. Thanks to the sound guy for letting me record his audio as well as live audio. This night 3 rock and roll bands took the stage for a lively Friday night.

Ive seen the grand before at the Cellar Nightclub. It's truly the little things that make a show great, the sound has to be great, the lighting has to be great, and the band has to play great. Sadly this night didn't shine for The Grand. The sound guy was nowhere to be found when they started off their set. The guitars were uneven, the vocals were totally dry (no effects), the kick drum was buried under everything so the sound wasn't the greatest. The lights weren't even turned on. The stage was super dark which made the whole scene look odd. The band played solidly but you could tell they just had a hard time getting into it as their fans were unsure of what to think. Only a few people were up front at the beginning and dwindled off to the sides during their set. From being in a band in know its hard to get into your songs if your fans aren't responding back. Solid set, but not as good as it could have been.

By the end of The Grand's set they had the lights turned on and the sound right just in time for the next band, Between Takes. Ive seen Between Takes before and they didn't fail to disappoint. Catchy licks, solid vocals, great baselines. Some very cool guitar effects. I just wasn't feeling the singer, he sounded almost bored. A very tight band who definitely rocked the stage. The drummer was fanatic though, she looked like she was having the most fun in the world and I loved watching her rock her kit. Id recommend them anytime!

The last band stole the show though. Straight up. Liftoff took things up a whole level. Just stage charisma. Super catchy lyrics and melodies, I found myself singing them after just hearing them once. They had a very Greenday sound which a lot of original flare. An amazing voice, totally on pitch, amazing tone, and lots of emotion. Great harmonies at the perfect times to really add to the songs. Very solid band! The whole band just had so much life and energy through their whole set. I was sad to hear their last song of the night. Go check out this band!

To see pictures from the night click

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dancing Is Similar In Every Country

Getting fans from across the country is hard... getting fans from a different country is harder.... but it was a great sized crowd at Joe's Apartment for four amazing ska bands from across the world. Having just got my camera back it took a while to get back into the swing with taking photos/video and trying out my new audio recorder!

Hailing from Montreal ska scene, The Fundamentals, they had a small crowd to warm up but proceeded to just groove out! The guitarist looked like he didn't care if he was playing for 5 people or 500 people. His guitar playing reminds me of Chuck Berry. I was a little disappointed with the female singer. I kept expecting her to warm up to the crowd but she seemed a bit cold. The sound was a very classic old school ska sound. Sounded very east coast, which is understandable, but a new "feel" to me. Sounded great! Very homey kind of a sound.

Which is a total opposite of the next act, one of my personal favorites, Rude City Riot! Taking ska to a whole new level. They call it PowerSka, good old ska with rock infused together to deliver a powerhouse of sound aimed at your ears! Just having released a new album they had a bunch of new tunes ready to rock as well as their usual standards. Each song a new groove, catchy chorus and a unique way at looking at life, love, or kung fu. All around good stage presence with some great little tricks up their sleeve. Be sure to catch them live one day!

The Afterbeat was next. All the way from Winnipeg. Adding a little more edge to ska than I've heard in a while. Small influences of punk mixed in as well this definitely made an interesting combination. Very tight sound. Full of power and piss and ready to take over the world. Very dynamic sound. Wish the guitar either had a couple of effects for the solos or something, sounded a little too empty. Very simple riffs and solos which works but wish it was a bit thicker. Great sounding band though.

The problem with being the headliner is usually people have to go catch the sky train home before 1am. And being out of town and not knowing that happens is even worse. Trying being from out of the country and not knowing! So sadly The Resignators had a small of dedicated ska fans to play too they still rocked as if they were playing a stadium. I was one of the people who had to leave for the sky train but i stayed for as long as i could listening to their fantastic tunes! After I wrapped up the audio gear they played a great Spanish flavoured tune which made my heart soar! Good luck on the rest of the tour!

To check out all the rest of the pictures, click the link below, or visit our facebook page!
Click here for pictures!
Hammer Records Facebook

Monday, July 11, 2011

What Goes Around, Comes Around -

What goes around, comes around. Sound familiar? That would be because everyone and their dogs have heard of, or recognize, the word Karma. So, naturally, local artist Kristen Karma shares the same fate! This young pop/rock artist has a strong following both on Facebook, with 2223 likes, and on Twitter, with 839 followers! (I WISH I had a crazy fan group like that! Wow.)  Some of Karma's musical influences, such as Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, and the Veronicas, really shine through on her debut 6-song EP, "Destination Unknown."

The first track on the EP is titled, "The Best In Me." Though it's not the best song on the album, it has cute pop vocals, a tight backtrack, and simple but catchy lyrics and melody. The second track is "Bustin' Out." There are strong keys/synths, mixed well with various other instruments to create a great, fun track to dance too. The topic of the song is very relatable, which is something that hooks in the listeners. Though I must say, while all the right ideas are there instrumentally, the vocals need more edge. They're just a tad too soft sounding. Almost like Hilary Duff singing along to an Avril Lavigne track. Not to say it sounds bad in the least, I like it for sure, it would just be that much better with some edge!

The third track is BY FAR the favourite on the EP here at Hammer Records. It's titled, "Maybe Someday." This song has such passion, all the right edge, great emotion, a strong beat, and great vocal effects all throughout - though especially in the chorus! The use of "gang vocals" really adds to the overall sound as well. I really envision this song on a teen-movie soundtrack. It just sounds so sick!!! A definite must-listen!

The fourth track is "Breakaway." Not to be confused with the Kelly Clarkson song, this one has more of a Daughtry vibe. The lyrics are right to the point, which really delivers the message of the song, and there's a nice showcasing of the guitar in the "breakdown" between vocals. There's not much else to say about this track except, again, I can see this being on a movie soundtrack.

The fifth track, titled, "Something More," isn't really giving us all that much more to listen to. A great track, but not as strong as the other five on the album. The gang vocals weren't as strong as in previous songs, and the sound wasn't "as there" over all. Lyrically though, it's fantastic. I really dug the lyrics.

Now, the last song! It is conveniently called, "Goodbye." I wonder if it was placed at the end for that reason? Regardless, it's clever. This song has cute lyrics, and a really strong chorus all around. The soft vocal work works really well in the verses, and there are some fantastic vocal runs throughout the song. It's a strong ending to a fun, dance-y album. One everyone should get there hands on! If not, you never know when karma will come around and get ya!

Also, make sure to check out her Facebook page ( for news on her brand-new youtube channel coming out, with an intro shot and edited by Hammer Records' own James Weekes! As well as an on-the-spot interview done by, well, by me - and of course her upcoming show at the Roxy on Granville street, August 3rd, with special guests, Before Helen.
(Kristen Karma with special guests, Before Helen!)

Until next time. RAWKON.
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rawk At The Roxy Tonight!! Last Minute!

So everyone who is sitting on your couches right now, get up, get out that door and make your way down to the Roxy to dance dance the night away with Stoned Moses and Shady Mae!

Free drink with a ticket! can't say no to that!

Where: The Roxy
When: Tonight at 8
Who: Stoned Moses and Shady Mae
How much beer money will it cost me: $10 at the door, 7 from a band!

There ya go! Get on it!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Halfway To Hollywood

Halfway to Hollywood is right! This local Pop-Rock/PowerPop band from Vancouver, BC gave me the honour of reviewing their brand new, two-song EP, "Speechless," recorded in their private studio in March, and mixed by professional, Steve Klassen (These Kids Wear Crowns, Faber Drive) at the Sound Suite in Abbotsford just recently!

This new band gives off a very feel-good, relatable vibe. They have catchy lyrics and strong melodies and harmonies in both songs, with well put-together, energetic, instrumentals to back them up! Their sound is very Boys Like Girls meets Simple Plan, meets local Vancouver band - Fighting For Ithica. It's a VERY welcoming sound!

The first song, "Speechless," has very cute lyrics, strong vocals, and a catchy melody. Front man, Grant Walker's vocals and guitar are masterfully mixed with fellow band members' bass (Brenden White), keys and synths(Joey Levesque), lead guitar(Jacob Owen), drums(Graeme Hahn), and backing vocals(Brendan White and Jacob Owen). The track reminds me a lot of, "Five Minutes To Midnight," by Boys Like Girls. I could see myself dancing to this at a party, club, or live show any day!

Next up is, "Breakdown." Now, with a name like that, people might think it's going to be another one of those sad songs - but it isn't! This song is a very inspirational, heart-warming piece, with good phrasing and a tight sound. Right off the bat, the song starts on a soft, but major note, and kicks that up a notch thirteen seconds in with some great gang-vocals, and a full-instrument sound! The lyrics are very relatable to people of all ages, especially those going through a rough patch in their lives, who just need a little pick-me-up! (And who hasn't been there? I know I have!) Again, it's just one of those songs I can see myself dancing to all night, or rocking out to at a live show!

Though new to the scene, not having played any shows yet (though planning to either late July or early August), these guys have a strong following both on Facebook ( with 568 Likes, and on Twitter (, with a whopping 2,945 followers!

To check out their debut EP, go their Facebook page, and hit the "music" tab on the left-hand side.

That's it for now! Keep rockin.'
Stay Hammered,

More Than Just A Pop Star

If you don't know who Elise Estrada is don't fret. You've probably heard a few of her tunes on the radio or seen her videos on much music. If your not into that music then ok, don't read this review. But she rocks. I have the pleasure of working for RockStar Music Corp which manages Elise Estrada and I get to record her in the studio and work with her on a weekly basis. She is one of the nicest people I've ever met. But she can sure rock a stage.

I had never seen an Elise Estrada show until Canada Day in Surrey. She sang right after The Latency and I didn't know what to expect. I assumed just another pop show, comes out, sings a couple songs, heads home. Her manager Adam H came out on stage and started to pump the crowd up with some cheers and chants. I have never seen anyone get a crowd that excited in any show I've ever been to. So after giving away a few Cds Elise came onto the stage and blasted into her set with some old classics, and new tunes off her new album. Some songs were mashed together so that they flowed into each other and only maybe had a chorus and a verse which was a great idea, kept the flow together but kept things fresh! She was great with the crowd, giving back every bit of attention she was receiving. During a few breaks she gave out a few more free cds and also a ring of hers and a couple bracelets she had on, making sure everyone who received them felt like family. After a great hour set she wrapped it up and thanked all her fans and headed off for a quick break and then going to the merch table to sign autographs.

I was filming the whole show with director Ali Visanji, who directed most of Elise's music videos. But after the show went to the merch tent to film her signing autographs and that was an experience. She made time for every single fan that came up to see her. It was about a 3 hour wait in line to get her to sign something to see her and she made sure to thank every fan, shake their hands, and give them a real smile. That's what i call quality!

She raised my idea about pop stars and how she is a real idol young singers/musicians can look up to and I hope you all can learn something! No matter how big or small you are, always make time for your fans. Without them, what are you doing it for?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wearing Shades At Night

Joe's Apartment is a prime venue. Great Stage, great sound and if the right band gets on stage its an amazing experience.

Contradictory to their name Hastings sounded great as they opened up the night. An older band with an older more experienced sound. They had a huge crowd for an opening band. Made up of mostly older people but all eyes were glued to the stage. Some great players, talented tight band including a couple brass instruments. Pleasing to the ear, great way to open up the night.

Second up was Aviator Shades who had the biggest crowd of the night. Everyone was up front watching them rock out. Their sound reminds varied between straight rock and some great hard rock tunes with a few hints of metal. Two very talented guitarists traded solos in a few songs each with their own unique flare. Great rock vocals and tight drumming added to the sound. Sadly the bass dropped out after the first few songs and only reappeared during the last song, so for the most part the band was guitar heavy, but when the bass kicked in it was huge. I recorded a song midway through their set and will have the link below so definitely check it out! Great band! Huge improvement from last time i saw them. Cant wait to see their next show.

Aviator Shades Live by HammerRecords

Having heard recordings of the last band I had high hopes for Cause4Drama but must say i was slightly disappointed. The band was super tight, very talented individuals but just wasn't doing it for me. A very bluesy band more than their recordings lead me to believe. Playing a few covers which i didn't not recognize did not help me either. Playing to a seemingly smaller crowd because no one was up front for the band but still the same number of people in the bar. Not much i can say, sounded great, but i just wasn't digging it. Please feel free to go check them out and see what you think.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wasted Wednesday Is Back!

An epic metal show at the Red Room. Great turn out for a Wednesday night. Special thanks to Asher Media for letting me review the show!

KYMATICA opened up the night. Tight band, heavy sound. But just felt something was missing. Maybe it was an off night, maybe it was just the mix. Amazing shred solos by one of their guitarists. I felt as if the singer/guitarist just practiced a bit more his solo's could have been a bit more dazzling, definitely solid but didn't wow me as some of the other bands did. I think with a little more stage presence they would kick some serious ass. 

Alone Against Rome followed up and blew the lid off that place. Amazing guitar work from both guitarists. Lots of great effects. Perfect sweeping harmonies just made my jaw drop. The vocalist made the night though. Amazing stage presence. Just jumped around the stage like a madman on crack. Wished the other members had been as crazy but maybe that will come with time. Great sound. Loved "Stolen Romance" Very melodic. Defiantly watch out for these guys!

I was not expecting what came next. The stage was cleared, a walkway was built and out came this golden bikini glad female with metal kneepads/elbowpads and a chest/stomach plate. Rammstein music started blasting from the speakers and she started her electric grinders! Sparks were flying as she grinded with the music in an amazing show! She did it the entire song and that was it, short and sweet!

Only downside was it took a long time to set up for the last band. Without Mercy rocked the stage and showed me that chicks can out scream guys any day. This band shredded my face off. Sick talent, great song structures and amazing dynamics! Soft to heavy on a dime. They are heading off on tour so best of luck to them! Rock hard!