Monday, July 25, 2011


Roxy and I travelled to Maple Ridge to a first for Hammer Records , a strip club. Rock and metal combined with half naked women all jammed into a room with HUGE speakers. Was definitely  a crazy experience. Sadly we just weren't feeling great that night and a few creepy folks in the venue made us depart after the first band. Big sorry to Angel Down for not being able to see their set! We owe them some photos for their next show for sure. Great band check them out!

But the first band we did catch was Six Gun Confederacy. An amazing combination of punk and rock with some hot shredding licks thrown in for good measure! Reminds me a bit of the band Turbonegro but more raw and ragged. Trying to fit in with the strippers they had their shirts off all through their set. Such aggressive sound and wild movements made for a great show.

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