Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wasted Wednesday Is Back!

An epic metal show at the Red Room. Great turn out for a Wednesday night. Special thanks to Asher Media for letting me review the show!

KYMATICA opened up the night. Tight band, heavy sound. But just felt something was missing. Maybe it was an off night, maybe it was just the mix. Amazing shred solos by one of their guitarists. I felt as if the singer/guitarist just practiced a bit more his solo's could have been a bit more dazzling, definitely solid but didn't wow me as some of the other bands did. I think with a little more stage presence they would kick some serious ass. 

Alone Against Rome followed up and blew the lid off that place. Amazing guitar work from both guitarists. Lots of great effects. Perfect sweeping harmonies just made my jaw drop. The vocalist made the night though. Amazing stage presence. Just jumped around the stage like a madman on crack. Wished the other members had been as crazy but maybe that will come with time. Great sound. Loved "Stolen Romance" Very melodic. Defiantly watch out for these guys!

I was not expecting what came next. The stage was cleared, a walkway was built and out came this golden bikini glad female with metal kneepads/elbowpads and a chest/stomach plate. Rammstein music started blasting from the speakers and she started her electric grinders! Sparks were flying as she grinded with the music in an amazing show! She did it the entire song and that was it, short and sweet!

Only downside was it took a long time to set up for the last band. Without Mercy rocked the stage and showed me that chicks can out scream guys any day. This band shredded my face off. Sick talent, great song structures and amazing dynamics! Soft to heavy on a dime. They are heading off on tour so best of luck to them! Rock hard!

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