Friday, July 22, 2011

Take A Chug Of Southern Death

Last night I found myself at the Roxy yet again, for another fantastic show. (I'm starting to think we're becoming regulars there..) Anyways! On the bill for last night was All Else Fails from Edmonton, AB and Southern Death Threat from here in Vancouver, BC.

All Else Fails has been among my favourite punk/rock/metal bands for a while now, and I was thrilled to see them rock the stage. Their performance completely blew me away! From switching positions across the stage, headbanging, and interacting with the crowd in such unique ways to their tights riffs and instrumentals, amazing vocal dynamics, and almost poetic lyrics. What a show! At one point, Barrett, lead vocalist and guitarist, jumped off the stage and made his way up on a banister to go wail on the guitar. Now is that true entertainment or what? The only thing negative I can say is that I wish the crowd had been a bit more lively and had come rock out with me front and center! But with a set starting at 8:30PM, and at the Roxy to boot, it's to be a little expected. I hope to see them come back soon!

The second band on the bill, headlining the show, was Southern Death Threat. Man those guys can fucking rock! The vocals, the intruments, the energy - all insanely amazing! Had me dancing and headbanging the whole set. Fortunately for this band, the crowd was a little more into it, which I think really amped up the performance level. During one song, the lead singer, Nick Oszinski, pulled me onto the stage, as the only "hot" female up front, to dance and shake my ass to their sound. It was definitely a memorable performance! I'd recommend everyone to check these guys out on their on-going, cross-Canada tour.

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