Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wearing Shades At Night

Joe's Apartment is a prime venue. Great Stage, great sound and if the right band gets on stage its an amazing experience.

Contradictory to their name Hastings sounded great as they opened up the night. An older band with an older more experienced sound. They had a huge crowd for an opening band. Made up of mostly older people but all eyes were glued to the stage. Some great players, talented tight band including a couple brass instruments. Pleasing to the ear, great way to open up the night.

Second up was Aviator Shades who had the biggest crowd of the night. Everyone was up front watching them rock out. Their sound reminds varied between straight rock and some great hard rock tunes with a few hints of metal. Two very talented guitarists traded solos in a few songs each with their own unique flare. Great rock vocals and tight drumming added to the sound. Sadly the bass dropped out after the first few songs and only reappeared during the last song, so for the most part the band was guitar heavy, but when the bass kicked in it was huge. I recorded a song midway through their set and will have the link below so definitely check it out! Great band! Huge improvement from last time i saw them. Cant wait to see their next show.

Aviator Shades Live by HammerRecords

Having heard recordings of the last band I had high hopes for Cause4Drama but must say i was slightly disappointed. The band was super tight, very talented individuals but just wasn't doing it for me. A very bluesy band more than their recordings lead me to believe. Playing a few covers which i didn't not recognize did not help me either. Playing to a seemingly smaller crowd because no one was up front for the band but still the same number of people in the bar. Not much i can say, sounded great, but i just wasn't digging it. Please feel free to go check them out and see what you think.

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