Friday, July 22, 2011

Twisted Iron

I've heard many things about The Yale. Mostly that its a blues bar with an amazing stage but wont let you in if your under 30. Half of that is right. Absolutely amazing huge stage, incredible sound system and great lights. But we got in, though we did get some looks. The crowd was defiantly older than the usual metal show. I was curious on how they would react to Iron Kingdoms double full stacks and double kick. But i forgot this crowd grew up with Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica, and all the classic metal bands that still roam this earth!

Iron Kingdom (formally known as Twisted) took the stage and its the best I've seen them play yet! Very strong stage presence as usual from them but exceptionally better performance from their rhythm guitarist and bass player. Headbanging and moving around they looked ready to take over the world with their metal. Their backing vocals had greatly improved too and I could hear some harmonies! A couple technical issues with patch chords but other than that it was a flawless show. Always showing off new ideas, their new songs sound super tight and I cant wait to hear their upcoming EP. Playing a solid set of old and new tunes and ending off with a classic "Rock You Like A Hurricane" was a perfect end. Catch our interview with them shortly!

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