Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lord Loss

James and I teamed up a while back to write an original song based off a character in one of my favourite book series'. We've recently finished mixing and mastering and are now ready to share this version of the song with the world.

This song can be interpreted in many ways, however, my inspiration for the lyric came from Darren Shan's character, Lord Loss, from his award winning book series, The Demonata. In this piece, I'm looking at things from his [Lord Loss'] perspective, rather than the protagonists' of the series. I find that it's always interesting hearing the flip side of a story as it may change your whole perspective.
Please enjoy!

Darren Shan's reply upon hearing, Lord Loss.

"Lord Loss"
Written and Performed by Rose Weekes
Composed by James Weekes
Recorded, Mixed at Hammer Records Ltd.
Mastered at Sage Audio

Rose Weekes

Hammer Records

Sage Audio

Darren Shan


  1. Simply Beautiful, I can't listen to it enough!!

  2. Where can I get the music for this so I can sing it in a concert?!