Sunday, December 20, 2015

Beautiful Sounding Echoes

Folk-Pop duo, The Echos, create a hauntingly beautiful musical experience when you see them live. They have a well arranged, very current sound full of memorable harmonies, full band instrumentation, and lots of energy. It's very easy to become static on stage, especially when tied to a mic stand for the whole set. However, this duo, Nicole Broughton and Jess Cichos, (+ backing musicians), did an exceptional job of keeping people on their toes - in some cases, literally! Although the dance floor wasn't full (the event was hosted at the Roxy after all... Infamously known for packing in the crowds after the local talent plays), they had every patron in the place's eyes on them, head's bobbing and feet tapping during their set. Put this group in any slot; opening, middle, headlining or during a festival, they'll be sure to entertain!

Some of the most memorable moments of the night, for me, were when songs, "Blue" and "All is Quiet", were played. Having listened to both songs on their Soundcloud previously, I knew I was in for something Vancouver hasn't heard a lot of - well thought out, folk-pop inspired, vocal harmonies and instrumentation. I was most intrigued to hear what they would sound like with a full band behind them. Needless to say, the live interpretations of these songs far surpass the audio recordings. The quality and technical ability seem to have heightened tremendously while being performed live and accompanied by an additional drummer, keyboardist, guitarist and bassist. Another memorable moment was when the Christmas cover came out. Within seconds, every member of the band was decked in bells, hats, reindeer horns, and even a full costume switch into a santa suit on their drummer! The guitarist, throughout the set, took a few chosen opportunities to descend from the stage and rock in the crowd with those who braved the front lines of the dance floor.

All in all, it was a memorable performance. One I look forward to seeing again in the future as this band continues to grow and blossom into an even more well-oiled machine. Give them a year or two at this pace and they'll be headlining every show on the strip. For now, they were a perfect pairing to place between the other two acts of the night, Andre Chrys, and scene veteran, Taylor Skelton with his new band line-up.

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