Saturday, January 23, 2016

Within Rust - Light And Shadow

This album is just beautiful. I used to seek bands like this back on the days of myspace. I looked for something that was so sonically appeasing and just straight catchy but also had a driving force behind it. "Light And Shadow" would have been one of my albums on repeat when I was in high school. I need to hear Within Rust's single live to have it fully envelop my body! The whole album is just packed full of well written, awesomely mixed, well produced tracks. This is the best representation of Within Rust's sound that I've heard so far. I would love to hear what they do if produced by someone who produced Muse or Deftones, but this album is just amazing. I've heard them play live before but I want them to play this album front to back and it will be an experience for the audience. Buy this album, either from iTunes or from them and listen to it over and over. It will never get boring.

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