Friday, June 24, 2016

The Roxy Launch Project - Kellen Saip

The Roxy Launch project is coming up soon and we wanted to chat with all the artists that will be battling it out this year! We spoke with Kellen Saip who will be performing on July 28th (click HERE for details), about his upcoming performance.

Hammer Records: What made you enter the Roxy Launch Project?
Kellen: I've played a few shows over at the old Roxy and I really dig the whole vibe of the place. It's getting tougher and tougher to find places to enjoy live real music ‎and the Roxy delivers giving all kinds of artists and genres a place to let loose. I know quite a few of the amazing bands entered this year so I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring.

Hammer Records: Which of the prizes are you most looking forward to?
Kellen:‎ All of them are super swell! There very generous but I'm honestly looking forward to just sharing the stage with some amazing talent and just having people hear some new material I've been working on the most,but hey I'll take some prizes if it comes down to that!

Hammer Records: How are you going to get fans out to your show? Any special tactics?
Kellen: I've been really plugging away at the Vancouver scene playing all over the place just trying to leave some sort of imprint on the folks that come see me play whether that be making them feel something from a ballad, making them tap their feet to a stomper or having a beer with me when it's all said a done! I feel apart of a pretty rad comunity in the local music scene so I'll be checking out a lot of the bands playing and in turn maybe they will catch a set!

Hammer Records: Will you be doing anything special at the show?
Kellen: I'm playing a lot of new material from an EP I will be releasing this month (Take Me Away) I dunno what really counts as special these days I'll be singing strumming and stomping my brains out but I won't be riding across the stage on a donkey while on fire or anything like that, that's more of a Jack Mercer thing ;)

Hammer Records: What do you think of battle of the band competitions around the city? Do they help build the scene?
Kellen: They absolutely build the scene there's a lot of love in Vancouver but it's getting tough to be a musician and have any sort of income to support a real life. My wife recently gave birth to my first daughter so it's really opening my eyes to the financial part of the industry. These events bring bands closer together help build friendships set up new show opportunities and give artists the tools they need to be heard.

Hammer Records: What are some of your social media links? Where can people find your music? 
Kellen Saip - youtube
Instagram - Kellen Saip
Twitter - KellenSaip

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