Sunday, October 6, 2013

Such A Kapital Night

Hammer Records is always finding new music and new people promoting music in Vancouver. We were thrilled to review a Kapital Entertainment showcase night at Joe's Apartment! Kate Dunn-Roy invited us down to review the headlining act Papertrails, but we caught the entire show and had a blast.

Opening the night was Miss Virginia Rose. The first thing that caught our attention was the amass of instruments on the stage. A keyboard, guitar, two microphones and only one stool. Upon further inspection it all made sense, a loop pedal. She was extremely talented at creating these intricate beats using beat boxing and sometimes only one instrument, or sometimes all of them. For a lot of loop artists, it normally just stops there. She not only sang overtop of her beats, she built her own harmonies and backing vocals as well. We know that it takes a lot of effort to create and perform those songs live, but it would have been nice for perhaps a song or two, she step away from the microphone and command the stage. Build the beat and then grab that microphone and rock the stage. Other than that, we could not find a flaw, she had a great voice and her charm was infectious. A great opening to the night.

Closing the night was Paper Trails. This band brought it. Blew my mind right from the first song. Covering Led Zeppelin's "Rock And Roll" is a bold move for even professional bands, but seeing this female fronted group of musicians bring the thunder, while adding their own twist and flavour, really showed us that this band meant business. Great thick and dirty guitar tones paired with thick low ended bass really delivered a creamy instrumental on which the vocals could flourish. Adding in the dynamic and powerful drums was icing on the cake. Everyone on stage looked like they were having the time of their lives, and rocked that stage hard! Their original songs were catchy and full of great hooks. This is a band we will keep our eyes on!

Chatting with Kate Dunn-Roy of Kapital Entertainment we loved hearing her passion about the local music scene. She is determined to work with budding talented artists to further their career. When asked to describe Kapital Entertainment she said:

"I just wanted to build opportunities for the up and coming talent in Vancouver that deserved it. The city has the opportunity to become a true musical hub for the high level of talent we produce and I just wanted to be apart of providing the platform for this to build. I have been blessed with the opportunities to chase my dreams, so I just want to pay it forward. Kapital works with new artists, singer/songwriters, that stay true to grass roots organic styles, built around playing instruments and collaborating with other musicians. I want to get back to real, full bands and off the floor type sounds on albums. This is what I love to listen to, and it comes from the heart and soul of the musician. Kapital plans and hosts Larger events in Vancouver's downtown core and works with smaller pubs to overhaul and rebuild their venues to turn them into proper live music venues. As of right now, we've worked with The Kings Head Pub, and we're in the process of sponsoring the changes happening at Kitsilano's Displace Hashery. I'm from Kits and I like to keep a lot of my business local just because the community has done so much for me and has the space to host really great musical acts."
We wish Kapital Entertainment the best because we know how hard it is to push forward in the Vancouver Music Scene. We look forward to covering more events from Kapital Entertainment and seeing their artists push new boundaries!

Thanks again to Kapital Entertainment and Clyde from Magnetized Productions for a great show. For the full album of photos please go to HERE

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