Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Keep On Cutting

Band's histories are always interesting. Hearing about what the band has gained and what it has lost sometimes are just as interesting as the bands music, and sometimes it even helps explain the thoughts and creative process behind the band.

The Cut Losses is definitely one of those bands. Two people in musical sync who gained quite a following and were gaining media attention, then to all of a sudden split. It takes a lot of patience and guts to pick up the pieces and try again. Most would start under a new name but "The Cut Losses" stuck with Patrick and he decided to continue the band under that name. Gaining new members he forged new music and released their EP entitled "New/Knew"

Their EP is a great collection of indie alternative tunes which are upbeat and have some memorable hooks. I found myself singing "Long Distance Caller" in the shower after hearing it. Nice and simple drums overlaid with some thick riding bass lines keep the songs rocking forward. The guitar have some great melodies lines which compliment the lead vocals. The backing vocals add a perfect finish by emphasizing certain hooks.

Go check out their Facebook HERE. Be to check out their tunes and go see them live!

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