Friday, September 26, 2014


I had a quick chat with Arik, Guitarist of Pistolfish, about their thoughts of Vancouver and what they have been up to!

James: Where did your band start?Arik: We started out in port moody, all of us coming up through the Port Moody Secondary music program

James: How has Vancouver helped your bands career?Arik:  It's been home and shaped who we are as people. But more specifically, we've played several events hosted by the city, as well as learning so much about music through our education.

James: What is your favourite venue to play in Vancouver and why?
Arik: Our favourite venue we've played so far was Fortune Sound Club, it has a great vibe and a great crowd. We enjoyed playing there a lot.

James: Where do you plan on going? Staying? Moving? Arik: We plan on playing everywhere we can in this city, and hope to build a solid following. After that, skys the limit, we'd love to tour at some point.

James: Favourite Vancouver story?Arik: Favourite Van story has to be being downtown during the olympics, and seeing a street hockey game between 5 Canadian girls and 5 Russian girls, with hundreds of onlookers cheering and going wild. Our ladies came out on top too, as if there was any doubt 

James: What's in the works with the band?Arik: Currently we're in the final stages of mixing a couple new singles, we want to get those released and start playing 'em live!

Check out their Facebook page HERE.

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