Saturday, April 1, 2017

So Long Ago - Disraeli Dreamers

Disraeli Dreamers are filling your head with their dreams of reaching stardom. Coming from Winnipeg, this band brings a unique fusion of rock, folk and a hint of country in their music.

Their newest single "So Long Ago" starts off with this fiery acoustic that quickly builds into a rumbling monstrous wave of sound that envelops you. The thick drums really get your feet grooving as that epic sounding snare sound pounds away. The thick bass riding below adding to the fire of the track. The acoustic guitar just twanging away perfectly mixed just to add a little more bite to the track as the vocals sit above, a little buried by the track. I would have liked to hear the vocals a little hotter in the mix as I loose some of the definitions of the words at times and have to strain my ears to understand the phrases. The lead guitar adds some great counter melodies until taking the lead and giving a fantastic solo.

This track reminds me of an encore song, something the band would play at the end of a fantastic show to close off the night. The ending could just be extended allowing the hordes of crazy fans to keep dancing until the band saw fit to finally end the song. The catchy vocal hook at the end will have you singing along with the band until your voice is sore and still be stuck in your head days later!

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