Sunday, November 27, 2011


Not a lot of people really know what goes on at an event like Nerd Fest... So we’re here to tell you! It’s a night of sword play, LARPing, Costumes (think Knights, Centurions, Wizards, Wenches, etc), chain mail clothing, epic videos (like the release of Scythia’s first music video done by… US!), and of course great music! On the bill for the night were Celestial Ruin, Eye of Odin, and Scythia.

Celestial Ruin got the night started with their very Kamelot meets Nightwish with hints of Evanescence sound. The female fronted band definitely had a lot of confidence in what they do, and it showed in their music. The tunes were catchy, and sound great on an album, but they are hard to pull off perfectly live without the use of backing tracks. Would have liked to see more movement and interaction on stage, and we couldn’t see the keyboard player at all, but with some more practice I think the next show will be fantastic! Keep your eyes and ears out for these guys and gal!

Eye of Odin took the stage next. These fellows had great tunes, and a very interesting sound. Each song was nice and full, though the vocals seemed to be buried a little underneath everything. On that note – there was great use of backing harmonies and vocals. Each member had great stage presence, and awesome costumes, though it was the front man who really captured everyone’s attention. He doubled as the host for the evening, and has a very cool theatrical speaking voice. Over all, great show, great costumes; can’t wait for the next one!!

The final musical act of the night was none other than Hammer favourites – Scythia! Having just completed, and released, their first ever music video, these guys and gals were ready to take the stage by storm. They sounded absolutely amazing. The best we’ve seen them play yet. All 5 members had HUGE stage presence, and always looked like they were having the time of their lives. They were directly communicative with the audience, who seemed to know the folk-metal band’s music well and were even shouting out requests! Scythia played both new and old – including a medley of video game theme songs including the brand new Skyrim. The drums were grand AND epic, the bass low and bite-y, the guitar crisp and huge, the oboe sat nicely on top of the mix, and the keys filled everything out perfectly. Then, of course, was lead singer, Dave Khan’s roar that powered over all! If you’re into metal, or folk, or folk metal you should definitely check these guys out however you can!

All in all, the night was spectacular. Hammer and I had a lot of fun, rocked out to great music, learned a few things about sword play and stage combat, and got our Nerd on.

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