Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Blast From The Past

So after a successful day in the studio work on Solo D's new album (, Roxy and I ventured to the Cellar to see our friends Rude City Riot perform and as usual, was blown away. Such a solid band with a great sound. After them was Ras Nikhilesh who sounded amazing as well. But what was funny, was that in college, I was actually recording both of them, in the same month!

I was early in my college education at the Arts Institute of Vancouver when we were given an assignment to record a band. Most students would find a local band and just hit record. My partner and set out in finding an established band out of the genre of rock. We shortly received an email from Dan Cowan the manager of Rude City Riot. He sent us their EPK and that they were looking for people to record a demo EP.

Even though the project only asked for one song to present to the teacher, we under took this venture and knocked of 5 tracks with Rude City Riot. It was our first "full band" project and we took it open us to do live off the floor beds with all 6 members of the group. We were quick on our feet adjusting microphones, patching compressors and setting up headphones for the gang!

At the same time, during our class hours we had Ras Nikhilesh in the studio recording a single. Our teacher, Steve Feindell, was good friends with him and keep us on sharp edge as we recorded his laid back reggae. But we will get back to that in a second...

We finished Rude City Riot's EP and they were pleased with it! So one day when they are world famous, we will have some old demos which we can sell for millions!

If you haven't check them out then go to

But back to Ras and Steve. Well our old teacher had a habbit of going out for a smoke every now and then, and since our class was a night class he would near the end of the session step out for a herbal smoke session. With Ras in the studio those trips had quadrupled. Seems after every take they would "excuse" themselves for 5 minutes. Well near the end of the session while patching in a keyboard to get some synths sounds they went out for a rather long session and when they came in there was no doubt a lot of herb had been smoked. Steve came and sat down and hit play and they just grooved out to the track while the class sat there silent. We looked at each other and laughed at how chill our normally tight-strung teacher was. After playing it he looked around and asked "What were we doing again?" and someone informed him that we were about to track some organ sounds. He looked at the patch bay and looked baffled and then said "Weekes, come over and do it".  So I patched in the keyboards and the session continued.

At the end of the session I offered to give Ras and his friend a ride home. Well before we left, we burned some herb with my teacher (which was an odd and rare experience to start), then went to the car, smoked some more herb and then proceeded to head to his house. While on the road yet some herb was turned into smoke and then I heard a Ras ask "Can we stop at McDonalds?" so we did. Needless to say it was a good trip home. Two of the nicest people I've met.

Just a random personal story but hopefully you enjoyed it!


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