Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Night Of Rawk'n'Roll!

When we heard it was our friend Dave's birthday show we had to go check it out. But upon learning that Columbia was also on the bill just added to the night! We had been meaning to catch their set for a while and finally had the pleasure to see them live. What a treat last night was!

Upon arriving we realized I had forgotten the camera battery back at home, so flew back and grabbed it but missed the acoustic act as well as the first band. Our apologies to them. But to start our night off was Aviator Shades. Now they have been featured a lot on here and thats because we love seeing them. They get better every show. And this night they really packed a punch. Both guitars were crunchy and thick, the drums were fat and the bass just glued everything together into a solid wave that just rocked your brain.

A great set list is key to any performance and opening with a rocking intro, straight into a fast paced rocker was a perfect start to their show! My only concern was "Tallahassee Woman" which just didn't seem up to par with the rest of tunes, It's busy guitar work just was a bit too much for what this tune called for and was a slight dip in the energy but they brought it back up right after so all was good!

At the end of their set rocked "The Boys Are Back In Town" and what a wonderful job they did. Embodying Thin Lizzy's soul they rocked that song so hard I swear they had wrote it! Truly a great end  to a great set!

Columbia took the stage and had a more refined sound right off the bat. A touch of U2, The Beatles, Oasis and a clear 90's rock influence crafted their sound. To be completely honest the first song did not blow me away and it took until the 3rd song to really immerse  myself in the art that is Columbia. Their set ramped up as they got crunchier and crunchier. 

Their new single is what solid me and made me a true Columbia fan. "Money" just took my breath away as I watched a fantastic blend of rock emerge. The rest of the set proceeded to rock my socks. Ending it with a fantastic heavy rendition of "Helter Skelter" they have truly made an impression on Roxy and I that we soon won't forget. 

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