Monday, November 2, 2015

Best In Vancouver Top 4: Switch To Black

When I heard the EP, watched their new music video, and had a quick chat with the band. I knew that this band meant business. They were young but serious about their craft. We were enthralled to hear that they made Top 4 in the Best in Vancouver competition. We had to chat with Curtis again about their advancement in the competition.

James: How did it feel to make top 4?
Curtis: Absolutely amazing! We haven’t felt this good since Grade 9 when we won our high school talent show.
Out of all the great acts participating in Best in Vancouver, we were very surprised and thankful to be chosen to continue to the finals.

James:How are you going to make the finals different from your last show?
Curtis: We’ll definitely change up our setlist to go out with a bang! Expect more hard-rocking, head-banging energy than ever before.

James: What was your favourite moment during your show in the Best In Vancouver competition?
Curtis: Probably jumping into the crowd during 'Who Am I Now’ and getting a hug from my big sister Alex, who came over from Victoria just for the show.

James: What is your favourite aspect about winning the Best In Vancouver?
Curtis: The opportunity to work with these amazing musicians and mentors, helping us to take our music to the next level and reach out to more fans.

Be sure to check out the finals at Studio Records on November 21st!

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