Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Light Within The Blackness

This is the second year in a row Switch To Black has competed in the Best In Vancouver competition.  This year though they made it to the finals. Upon hearing the band's debut EP, I was impressed with their sound. The big question always remains, does their live performance do their album justice? When we witnessed their show at Studio Records, our fears were put to rest as they just BLEW away the show. 

Opening bands always face the huge problem of having to perform early which means a lot of their fans don't make it out to the venue in time to catch their set. Switch To Black didn't have this problem at all. Studio Records was busy front to back from the time they started their set, by the time they finished their set it was PACKED. Their enormous sound filled the venue from the first note. Their ferocity up on that stage drew everyones eyes front and centre. There entire set was full of dynamics, punch, and a sense of fun that a lot of bands just can't bring to the stage. From a producers perspective you can tell that Switch To Black knows their music to the point where its just second nature. Which really allows them to put their entire brain towards performance. 

I strongly believe in a few years, this will be one of Vancouver strongest bands if they continue down the path they are crafting right now. We managed to capture a segment of their performance above. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for new material from Switch To Black. Check out their Facebook page HERE.

I give them 4/5 hammers. Keep rocking guys!

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