Sunday, June 19, 2011

Down In The Cellar

Saturday night I find myself hobbling my way up Granville Street (having broken my foot a week before) I  made my way to The Cellar. Three bands on the bill, a beer in hand, looks like it will be a good night.

The Grand took the stage to start off the show. Look at the article below to get the full scoop on this killer band. They were classic tonight. Played an amazing set, perfectly paced except for the two ballad type songs in the middle back to back, i just wished after a ballad they played something heavier or faster. But all great songs, well written and well performed. At their next show might have a surprise for them!

Doc Holiday roared into stage like a bull in heat and preceded to play what i can only describe as psychedelic metal. Some very doomy sludge metal tunes along with some amazing speed riffing from the guitar. The female bass player was entranced in the music and pounded her bass like it was her bf. Very System of A Down vocals with lots of awesome effects to really pull it through the mix. Tight band, tight sound. Huge!

To wrap up the night One Life Animal set up and played to a great sized crowd. This is the first show with their new singer and she turned out to be the "Animal" in One Life Animal. Absolutely ferocious into the microphone. Brought a new flavour of raw energy to the band. The whole group was tight. Playing a few old songs from their first record as well as a bunch of new tunes. This ending the night on a glorious high note. 

Great bands! Great show! = Great Night!

Stay tuned, Stay Hammered

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