Friday, June 10, 2011

A Few Villains in Town

It only takes a few to rock the world... this rings true when listening to The Proper Villains. This group has been making waves in the local scene as well as spreading their word beyond BC. Sold out shows in distant places like Surrey where getting a crowd is harder than finding a corner without a hooker! Getting steady radio play on 94.5 The Beat FM isn't an easy feat either! These guys are kicking ass in the scene and taking names. Never taking no for an answer. They are pushing to the top and leaving everyone else in the dust! Playing big stages like the PNE for the Westcoast Tattoo and Culture Show and schedule to be playing the Ubran Culture Conference and Awards Show in august. Be sure to keep an eye for them in August when they share the stage with big names like Metric and Weezer.

Their sound is a combination of Pop, Hiphop and Rock all mend perfectly together to form this grooving sound which penetrates your soul. Check out their song "Your Heart" on the first ever Hammer Radio Webcast! To the right hand side of the page.

Keep your eyes on these guys and let them rock your body!

Hear them roar at:

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