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Hachiman is the Shinto God of War and protector of the Japanese people, though this Vancouver band likes the name simply because "it rocks!" Hachiman is a loud, 4 membered, modern rock band with an in-your-face style that you just can't ignore; and I got a chance to check out and review their 11 track album. Now, I'm going to do this review a little differently. I'm going to start from the last track, and work my way back to number one. Why? Simply because I want to start off with my favourite tracks from this album!

#11- Time To Fly
 This track has a very cool feel to it, though I would like to hear a little bit more in the percussion section. The drums were just a little to simple during the verses, though they worked well in the chorus. The vocals were a perfect fit for this song, and the guitar was very playful and fun. There were some really neat guitar riffs starting around 2:10, that went until about 3:31. As for the bass - it was kept simple and followed along well. It wasn't distinct, but did a great job filling out the sound. Over all, it's a very catchy tune.

#10- So Wonderful
This was certainly one of my favourites on the album. I could picture this as a music video easily. This track reminded me of another local band, Lift Off. The vocals and back vocals were perfectly put together and on pitch. The varied drum kicks really added to the beat, along with bass which followed the kick expertly; and the guitar solo(s) were dynamic and, well, awesome. Excellent for this song. All in all, it's fantastically mixed, and ready for your stereos!

#9- Runaway
Now, this track is yet another favourite. Why? Simply because it's very catchy, and all of the elements were there! Bass, drums, guitar, vocals - it's fully complete, and radio worthy. The vocal effects made it sound as if this song was song by a different person than the other tracks, but who knows.. maybe it was! It had a very early Green Day vibe to it. Definitely one to listen to again and again.

#8- Nothing Better To Do
This track comes off sounding almost surf-punk. It had very Offspring-esque drums, a bluesy rock guitar solo, and Sex Pistol style vocals. Though it was pulled together nicely. Though it's the shortest song on the album, it leaves one of the best impressions.

#7- My Time
This song was the most "Metal" sounding on the album, and Hammer's favourite track. It reminded me of yet another local band, called Iron Kingdom. You can finally hear some distinct bass runs, and the guitar was very well structured/phrased. It had long held out choruses, and shorter, punchier verses. The lead was a little too "hidden," and got lost in the mix during a lot of the song though. Over all, a great sound.

#6- Just A Little
Despite the title, there was definitely more than "Just A Little" going on in this song. It had a very AC/DC mixed with Van Halen feel to it. The drums, guitar, and bass were punchy and on-point. They accompanied the vocals very well. The guitar solo was fantastic, and again, had a very AC/DC sound to it.

#5- Flavor Of The Month
This song had a perfect "Skate-Punk" sound, and I could invision it in a video game or skate movie for sure. The vocals are very versatile, though a little too loud; and drowned out the other instruments in parts. As for the guitar, drums, and bass - they were just right for the track. Flowed together nicely, and did a great job of keeping your ear interested.

#4- Don't Judge Me
This tune had great structure and melody, and some really cool effects throughout. The kick drum, in comparison to the snare, sounded a little weak. The drums as a whole could sound a little more up-front. The vocals were hot, and the chorus' super catchy. Well produced, and almost radio ready I'd say. Just fatten up those drums a little bit, and you'll have a great Alt. Rock track hitting the airwaves!

#3- Detroit Rock City
This was a nice attempt at a cover. Everything was there - all the right notes and beats - but no one can do Kiss like Kiss. When doing a cover like this, one should really try and make it their own. Add something to it, change up the drums, add a synth - something! It was a good attempt, but it needed something to make it their own.

#2- Call Before You Come
This was definitely a classic rock style tune, though it's not in the same league as some of the later tracks. The drums sounded fairly hollow, the bass was kept simple, and the lead was unconvincing and buried in the mix. The vocals had some nice attempts at harmonies, but they were just very hard to hear. Over all, the whole song could have been mixed better. It has the right ideas, they just need to be spoken more clearly.

#1- Bad Girl
This tune had some good rock style vocals, which the guitar follows nicely. The bass lines weren't distinct, but filled out the sound. As for the drums - they could be more dynamic. I thought it was a little weird doing side sticks in a rock beat, but it's all in the ear of the beholder!

I'd like to see the whole album mixed better, but all in all, this album is one I'd keep near the stereo to play over again. The songs were made to radio length, but didn't seem too short, and all of the lyrics and melodies were catchy. The guitar riffs and licks were interesting to listen to, and the rhythm section kept the beat nice and strong. If you want to check out any of these songs, go to Hachiman's REVERB NATION page, and go "Like" them on their new-found FACEBOOK fan page.

Keep Rockin!

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