Monday, October 31, 2011

When Great Minds and Great Tunes Come Together

October the 20th was Music Industry Showcase Night at Joe's Apartment on the Granville Street strip downtown Vancouver. The night consisted of a bunch of great minds all under one roof! There were record labels, promoters, sound engineers, radio stations, photographers, and artists. The night also featured 3 singer/songwriters, and FOUR bands. That's a lot of acts! Though certainly a great time.

First up was host for the night, Lee Lindsay. She had a three song set that started to draw in the crowd. Her voice was soft yet powerful, and her lyrics came straight from the heart. It was a great start to the night.

Next was a fellow who'd travelled all the way from the UK. Personally, I love their musical style. It's quite different than the singer/songwriters of North America. He had a unique ton, and lots of vocal theatrics. He also really knew how to demand attention with use of stomping, and knocking on his guitar, not to mention that grand vocal style! Definitely loved his set.

Third up was Mark Alexandrie. This man has an amazing voice, guitar skills, and his lyrics are passionate and straight forward. Though, somehow poetic all at the same time. He had a great presence on stage, and seemed to have quite a following amongst the crowd. Overall, loved his style.

The next band, Marc Alexandre (?), had a lot of spunk. Their songs were catchy and fun, and the instruments sounded very on point. They had great stage presence, though the female vocalist/tamborine player looked bored a lot of the time.

The Broadway Bullies took the stage next, and they took it by storm! Honestly, they stole the show. I'd never seen them perform before, and I was blown away. The amount of energy coming from that stage itself was incredible, let alone the whole instrumental sound which was on point and fantastic. Every member moved around that stage, though it was the singer that really captured attention. He was constantly moving, jumping, and dancing the entire set. He had a very old school vibe to him. Think, a rock n' roll version of Link Larkin from Hairspray. They have a great image, and even better songs. Definitely make sure to check them out on FACEBOOK.

A Hammer Records favourite, Lift Off, took the stage. Their light show alone was incredible! These fellas always put on a great performance and wow every crowd. Their Green Day-esque sound got the crowd moving and shaking, and I believe EVERYONE was having a blast. They will be back at Joe's with bands Whisky Jack and The Shrugs on Saturday October 29th for a huge masquerade ball. Make sure to come check it out.. Hammer and I will be hosting the Lift Off tour bus! Check out the event HERE, and get your tickets ASAP!

The final act for the night was a band called Quickness. Now, those who visit Joe's Apartment a lot may have recognized lead singer, Jacob Dryden... That's because he's one of the resident sound guys at the venue! Though that night, he got to see the other side! His band has a very tight sound, and work really nicely together. I would have liked to see a little more movement on stage, but over all they had a very cool aura, and lots of musical talent! Check them out HERE.

It was a fun evening with lots of fantastic tunes, and tons of mingling with like-minds. We're looking forward to another one of these nights in the future.

Keep Rockin!
Roxy xx

Here are a sample of the videos! And due to technical problems pictures are coming soon!

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