Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Anything But Black And White

All girl bands are nothing new, but its exciting to see one that defies all stereotypes. The large stage at Studio Records seemed to swallow the band as they stood up there waiting for the thumbs up to start their set. The minute they started playing, the opposite happened. The whole venue was filed with this  dirty gritty rock and roll. Tight precision drumming meshed with rolling thick bass, covered by this larger than life guitar tone, and finished off with a vocal so engaging that you couldn't do anything BUT listen. Each element of this three piece band just complimented each other perfectly. Their personalities were apparent on stage with goofy smiles, corny jokes and even poking fun at each other. The crowd warmed up immediately as they just laid down punk inspired rock tunes.

Their stage presence was awesome. For being the second band of the night they had everyone clapping along with them. Even a small mosh pit developed at the suggestion of the lead singer. I can easily see them playing a year from now and having people singing along with their catchy tunes. The music was a great balance of dynamics, vocal hooks and great instrumentation. I could tell the lead singer wanted to rock out even more and not be tied down by the mic stand. I would love to see them grab a wireless headset microphone and so the two lead women can interact on stage more. This trio has awesome potential and I can't wait to see them around the scene more!

Check out their Facebook page HERE. I give them 5/5 Hammers!

See you next show! 

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  1. She Dreams in Colour...ROCKED Saturday night. Great tunes and energy!