Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Take You Home

Music is all about feelings. Sharing those feeling through lyrics, melody and chords. The Travis James Band just makes you feel good. Classic feel good music. James's smile itself just puts a smile on your face. His infectious good vibes just have you bopping your head from start to finish of each song. His performance at this year's Best In Vancouver was the perfect way to end that night. The pure musicianship of his band was enough to catch peoples attention. Each part fit perfectly into its place to all support James's singing. The songs were well written, but seemed to have a great feeling of depth to every track.

Switching between acoustic and electric guitars flawlessly showed that he has worked on his stage show to allow the songs just to flow into each other. His lead guitarist was truly gifted in putting perfect leads to compliment each track. The bassist had this cool collected calm around him. Sometimes seeming like he was deep in a trance. The drums were crisp and amazingly dynamic. Perfectly keeping the whole band locked in this west coast groove. All of them truly skilled performers.

If you want a guaranteed good night of music to dance the night away with, go see the Travis James Band! I give them a solid 4/5 Hammers. Check out their Facebook page HERE.

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