Sunday, October 4, 2015

They Arrived Quickly As Did The Crowd Fall In Love With Them; The Fast Romantics

Fine Times

The first thing I noticed at this show was the amazing acoustics in Fortune Sound Club. It was an intimate setting and had a great stage space. The band started off right into the fun, happy go lucky music and got the crowd tapping their feet and bobbing their heads within the first beats.

The lyrics and tempo felt comforting, like reconnecting with an old friend. The music had a very hopeful tune to it making it something everyone needs to listen to at this point in history. No matter the stressors you felt prior to coming to the show whether it be your job, the lack of money you have or the things you haven't done yet, listening to Fine Times had a certain air of "everything is going to be alright"; the name of the band is in my opinion 100% accurate for the felt you get from them.

Even when singing about how we're all going to die one day, the sound still made you want to dance. It reminded me almost of pumped up kicks. Catchy and upbeat as hell, even if the content is dark. This band is certainly one to keep your eye on. 5 out of 5 hammers.

Fast Romantics

The band upon meeting them seemed humble, something hard to come by in this industry and it was apparent in the way they spoke to the crowd and thanked them for coming to the intimate early show. The caliber of music they put out was beyond high quality. I have to say the drummer has one of the better sounds I've heard in a while for this genre of music. He hit the drums hard and propelled the band further. The vocal collaboration was sweet and truthful and the content of the songs was something more real than I've heard on the air waves in a bit.

The keyboardist/guitarist wailed on the keyboards and not only that, but also rocked a mean tambourine. In fact a few members played multiple parts in the composition of the songs. The collective group jived well with each other and had a unique sound that ignited happiness and depth within the crowd which seemed to receive them well,  as almost no one was using a phone and gave the band their full attention.

The lead singer had great connection with the audience when talking between songs and not only was I one Julia to introduce myself, but there were many others shouting out their names to them. Sadly this disappointed me. The band tested out some songs on us for their new album and ANIMAL sounds like another top charter in my opinion. This band definitely knows how to write a catchy tune for the masses. It was no surprise when they played their single JULIA  (which has been all over Vancouver’s station 102.7 the peak (which I'm also a fan girl)), that the crowd went wild and all the Julia's in the land started shaking their money makers. I have no doubt these guys and lady will make it big and I'll be saying I remember when I got to photograph them before their explosion into the music industry. I can't wait to see what's next from this team. Five out of five golden hammers for the Fast Romantics! Julia out.

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