Friday, July 8, 2016

The Roxy Launch Project - Marry Me

The Roxy Launch Project starts NEXT WEEKEND! So be sure not miss these bands battle it out for some of the best prizes any band could want. We had a nice chat with Natalee from Marry Me about the upcoming competition. 

Hammer Records: What made you enter the Roxy Launch Project?
Marry Me: We were extremely grateful to participate in the 2015 Roxy Launch Project, as we were given awesome guidance through the workshops and feedback. This year, we were inspired to enter again to take our live show to the next level, honouring the ongoing lessons and mentoring that we have received from the Launch Project.

Hammer Records: Which of the prizes are you most looking forward to?
Marry Me: All of the prizes are definitely attractive! With the release of our new EP “Itchy Blood”, the ultimate prize is the opportunity to utilize any the resources that we are offered to promote this EP, whether it's working the songs with one of the world-class producers (we really want to record with Garth at The Farm!), making a classy music video with prize money, or growing the band further with mentorship!

Hammer Records: How are you going to get fans out to your show? Any special tactics?
Marry Me: We are giving away 20 free download copies of our new EP “Itchy Blood” at the Roxy show! We are also going to implement some social media tactics that we picked up at the Launch education seminar from Jordan Carriere of Nimbus School of Recording and Media.

Hammer Records: Will you be doing anything special at the show?
Marry Me: While on our July tour of Alberta and BC, we are developing a show that bridges the gap between the audience and the stage. It's getting'll have to be there to experience it ;)

Hammer Records: What do you think of battle of the band competitions around the city? Do they help build the scene?
Marry Me: A battle of the bands competition like the Roxy Launch Project helps build the scene for sure. It's an exciting concept because it goes beyond the prizes and ticket sales; with the education seminars, it encourages the band's development and growth, and it sparks connections with other bands, building the live indie music scene in Vancouver.

Hammer Records: What are some of your social media links? Where can people find your music?
Marry Me: Our new EP and other music is on Bandcamp:
Twitter: @marrymemusic1
Instagram: @photosbymarryme
Snapchat: marrymeband

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