Monday, July 11, 2016

Underling Talks About Their Tour With Ghost Bath

Hammer Records had a quick chat with California band Underling about their current tour with Ghost Bath. Be sure to catch their show in Vancouver!

Hammer Records: How has it been touring with Ghostbath?
Well this will be both Ghost Bath's and Underling's first time going out on tour.  Dennis (Ghost Bath) and I have known each other for a while since he helped us out with some publicity leading up to the release of our latest full length, Bloodworship.  He and I both have similar roles in our respective bands, and keep in semi-regular contact with each other.  So when he got the offer to do this tour, he was cool enough to hit us up to join them on the road.  I couldn't imagine Underling going out with a cooler band for our first tour, and we are incredibly stoked to have this opportunity.

Hammer Records: What has been one of your favourite places to play on the tour so far? Any that you are looking forward to playing?
Band:  Well, our hometown shows in San Francisco have always proven to have amazing turnouts for us.  Besides that though, we're very excited to play Vancouver and the whole Pacific Northwest for the first time, and I'm personally looking forward to the BBQ in the southern states haha.  But mainly were just excited to play every city on this tour because every show will be a brand new experience for us. 

Hammer Records: What is one of your favourite songs to play live?
Band:  Well, I know for me personally, my favorite song is definitely Guided from our first record, Breathe Deeply.  Its a very powerful and moving song with a lot of atmosphere. It allows the fans to really get into a meditative state with us while we play.  Its also a point in our set where a deeper connection tends to occur between us and the audience that I really love experiencing.

Hammer Records: What do you have to say to any Vancouver fans that are coming out to see you guys play?
Band:  This will be a must-see show for any fan of Atmospheric Back Metal. Underling always brings a high level of emotion and energy during every performance, so come out to Astoria on the 11th and let us, Ghost Bath, and He Whose Ox Is Gored show you what we're made of!

Hammer Records: What are some social media links for people to find your music? (merch store)
Or follow us on Instagram @underlingofficial.

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