Thursday, September 8, 2011

Proud To Be Losers

The Bleach Babes are a rock band with many influences. The released their 9 track album "Losers" on August 13th. They were fairly short tracks, but I was surprised with how much diversity there were on them. Never a dull moment.

The First track, Slush, is an "intro track". It starts with a whining sound and builds into a symphony of sound. Though some sounds may be corrosive to the ear at first listen, once you dig through you can imagine a ghostly image. Bass and drums lay down an underlying vibe but it's the wailing, screeching, guitar that leads that song. Instant statement, "We are different".

Launching right into a punk rock vibe, Kaleidoscope, brings the energy with crazy drums, fat, though simple, bass lines and hammering guitar. The vocals have great melodies, great phrasing, and though edgy, still easy on the ears. This is a tune to listen to when either snowboarding or skateboarding; Or even surfing (if you have a waterproof case).

Starting off with more of a laid back feel, Basement Trash, is the third song on the album. Solid bass line and steady drums hold the song until the whole band kicks into the chorus with a unified riff which really packs a punch. Trading back into the quieter parts are great for the verses, really adding dynamics and feel to the song. Reminds me of Nirvana. Then, after the final chorus, they slam into double time with a catchy hook to finish the song. Tight.

Rain Check has a great vibe. Solid instrumental with a kind of sway feeling to it. Not quite heavy but not at all soft. Once again great vocal lines. The humming vocal lines are my favourite. They really separate this track from the rest. It's more commercial than the rest of the songs on "Loser." I also love the drumming in this. Not overly complicated, but the perfect amount to fill out the song and keep it interesting to the ear.

Following the age old rule of album dynamics, they kick it up a few notches with Super 6, the shortest track on their album. They start with a catchy, head bobbing riff and then blast it! With the awesome drum beat feel,  it just keeps you head banging. I bet this track would sound sound amazing live. Simple to follow the build of the song and great to mosh to.

Love Rug keeps the heart pumping with another rocky-edge tune. By now the listener has heard the sound of the band and their guitar riffing songs with slower vocals and hum catch lines overtop. Wished they had done something new with this tune, music wise. Though, near the end the guitar adds a cool flanger which brings the track to a whole new level! You don't see flanger being used a lot in tracks these days, and I was stoked to hear it come forth at the end.

Dracula, once again, highlights the drummer. Very different beats than the usual 4/4 beats. They then go into a punk beat of high intensity. This tune reminds me so much of Nirvana. Just the way everything is thrown in with such passion but with such a nonchalant-ness. Good tune.

Sandbox brings out a whole new feel once again. Starting with guitar, then drum fill, and then bass, really fills out the sound. A very summery feeling to the song. Great riff and rhythm to the song. I kept expecting the vocals to come in but was surprised to find it an instrumental. This is my favourite track. Not because of the fact there are no vocals, but because without the vocals the riffs and drums and bass get a chance to breath and fill each others space, really sounding united. Great song to blast in the car.

The last track, Beach Babes, is the longest track on their album. It sounds like a track that really defines them. All the elements from the other tracks were there, thrown into one, in a new way! Wished the bass had a few licks that didn't follow the guitar, but solid playing overall. Sounds almost like a surf-punk tune with a little more edge.

The album all together has a cool sound. Not the highest production value, but I don't think this style of music needs it. Mixing wise, I would have liked to hear the drums mixed a bit louder with more kick. The cymbals were great, really filling out the space, but would have liked to hear that driving force of the kick leading the songs on. The vocals were in tune and had that punk feel to it. The guitar was driving and not overly complicated. Bass thumped along at all the right parts. Definitely worth a download, and listen to!

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