Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lost Girls OF Neverland -A Vancouver Musical

If your a fan of music, and a fan of dance, and a fan of the arts... then you have to check out this local musical! It will be at the newly renovated Anza Club. So come down and see the preview for the show at a special discount price on February 16th.

Set during Mardi Gras, this contemporary musical comedy is guided by modern pop music, dynamic dance numbers and fabulous costumes. The story follows the trials and tribulations of The Lost Girls, a dance troupe working at New Orleans' hottest Gentlemen's club, Neverland. The beautiful and innocent Wendy Darling is thrust into the spotlight encountering sex, love and the jealous and vain Tinkerbell. Meanwhile, across town at the Mermaid Lagoon, Madame Hook plots her revenge against her arch enemy Mistress Pan whom she has held a grudge against for years

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