Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Best In Vancouver - Sail With Kings

Taking folk to a whole new level, Sail With Kings are hoping to sail through the competition and win the title "Best In Vancouver". We had a quick chat with them about their upcoming performance.

Hammer Records: For those who might not be familiar with your band, can you give a brief description of the sound of your band

Band: Our sound focus mainly on getting the crowd involved, to feel something more than just the vibrations of sound, but to feel enlightened, empowered and uplifted. We play Power-Folk, the first of its kind ;)

Hammer Records: Have you checked out past “Best In Vancouver” competitions? What do you think gives your band the edge on the competition?

Band: We definitely have! And we don't look to particularly have an edge on the competition, but more or less present to Vancouver that our sound in itself is very unique, for we put true technicality, thought, and our talent into each and every song. 

Hammer Records: What do you think of the battle of the bands competitions? Do they help build a scene? 

Band: What I personally think, is that they DEFINITELY help build the scene, and promotion companies or any company/business putting on shows in general are what keeps the local/"underground" music flowin'. 

Hammer Records: What do you want to say to the sponsors who are helping putting on the event?

Band: We'd just like to say thanks for the exposure and the possibility to have our music spread further than we could have done by ourselves, for we know we can't do it alone! 

Hammer Records: Aside from playing the showcases, what is in the future for the band?

Band: Currently we are on the search for some key additions to the band, whilst working on getting ready to record a 10-14 song full length album, so aside from all that and playing many many shows along the way, we plan to endlessly tour and raid the world with our music 

Hammer Records: Do you believe in promoting with handbills or other methods that aren’t online? Or do you think that online promotion is key?

Band: I believe online promotion is key, for people check their Facebooks every 2 minutes, but nowadays I'm not sure if anyone would actually stop and read a poster on a postered-up light post. But, other methods NOT online would definitely work, just depends on what they are. 

Hammer Records: What are your social media links and how can people find your music?

Band: They can check us out on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, ITunes, Spotify, and pretty well any other distributors their are. Just type in "Sail With Kings". 

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