Tuesday, March 7, 2017

CBC Searchlight - Fake James

We had a quick chat with Fake James about his entry into the CBC Spotlight contest and their thoughts on it.

Hammer Records: Is this the first time you’ve entered into the CBC Spotlight Contest?
Fake James: First time with this project. I entered a few years ago as my old band "The Ensemble" with our track "Squared".

Hammer Records: Which of the prizes are you most excited about?
Fake James: I am very excited at the opportunity to travel out East and network with the professionals there. The residency at Banff would also be a true privilege!

Hammer Records: How would you describe your music to a brand new listener?
Fake James: My music is a style I like to call "hypnotic folk".  I combine elements of organic indie rock with very chill electronic undertones.

Hammer Records: What made you pick the piece of music/video to enter?
Fake James: I am very proud of both the content of the song, lyrically and structurally, and the overall quality of the production (video and audio-wise). The lyrics come from a very personal journey of mine, having unfolded over several years, telling an elaborate story. The simple combination of grand piano and electronic drums seems to find a perfect medium between the genres of dark folk and R&B.

Hammer Records: If you could send a message to the judges, what would it be?
Fake James: Thank you so much for your thorough consideration.  I hope you listen carefully to the depth of passion behind my voice, and to the coherence of our performance.  

I am very grateful to have worked with talented friends of mine in filming and bouncing a well-produced live audio/video take.  

In comparison to most other videos, I would insist that our production carries a superior artistic and professional tone throughout.

To check out more from Fake James check out his Facebook page:

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