Wednesday, March 8, 2017

CBC Searchlight - Michael Fabro

Having traveled the world in pursuit of music, we managed to have a few words with Michael Fabro about his entry into the CBC Spotlight contest.

Hammer Records: Is this the first time you’ve entered into the CBC Spotlight Contest?

Michael: Yes, it’s the first year I’ve submitted.  This year I feel I have something that needed to be shared!

Hammer Records: Which of the prizes are you most excited about?
Michael: I think more than anything the biggest prize is national exposure.  It’s so difficult to break through as an artist and this competition provides a great platform to do so.  That being said, a two-week song-writing residency in Banff is something I’d jump on in a heartbeat.  To focus on writing alongside some great mentors in an ideal environment would be invaluable!

Hammer Records: How would you describe your music to a brand new listener?

Michael: Pop, Singer-Songwriter with a bohemian twist.  Imagine an acoustic pop artist playing a flamenco guitar and adding subtle elements of Spanish guitar fusion within a very accessible pop sound.  That’s the music I make.

Hammer Records: What made you pick the piece of music/video to enter?
Michael: This piece of music is real, raw and honest.  There’s no hiding behind the writing, it’s an expression of unrequited love and a story that I lived. I moved to Barcelona for two years to study a Masters in classical music and while I was there I met a local girl.  The way that I felt about that relationship led me back to song writing, as I felt it was the only way to properly channel my emotions back into my music.  I think beyond that, at some point or another, many of us have gone through a similar experience.  “Waking Up Alone” is universally relatable and I hope that it connects with people and their own individual experiences.

Hammer Records: If you could send a message to the judges, what would it be?
Michael: I think all I can do is send a message of thanks! There are 1200 submissions that a highly talented panel of industry professionals are objectively sorting through.  I think Searchlight is an unbiased, original music competition that isn’t involved in music industry politics.  It’s about the writing and the music and it takes an incredible amount of time, energy and patience to give every submission a fair chance. I have nothing but gratitude for all the judges involved and for providing their expertise.

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