Friday, October 10, 2014

If I Love You, Will You Hold Your Love Against Me?

Being a musician is hard. No way around it. Tons of people are creating great music that will never reach the ears of the public. Zalesko is one of those artists. 20 albums under his belt and still pumping out music. We took a look at "Hold Your Love Against Me".

This album is meant to put on a chill parties or while your relaxing on a sunday morning. Full of diverse musically stimulating tracks. The vocals are just far back enough in the mix to not have to focus on the words but to just let your mind wander. Each track is a groove based psychedelic rock anthem. Think Woodstock, everyone is just chilling out and excited to just be there and experience the experience. This album is just that, don't take it for trying to be a top 40 hit or a new revelation in music, just enjoy it. It reminds me if Bob Dylan teamed up with Eric Clapton and sat together in a hookah lounge.

Check out the album and all his other work!

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