Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Best In Vancouver: The Dramatic Finish

Excited with their upcoming album release, The Dramatic Finish are set to hit Vancouver's stage with a bang! I had a nice chat with the king of bass, Sam.

James: How did you find out about "Best In Vancouver"?

The Dramatic FinishWe have known Kevin and Rednyne for quite some time but the discovery of the event was purely through social media.

James: What sets you apart from other bands?
TDFOne of our primary drivers is to give an unforgettable live visual performance. We have yet the pleasure of seeing the other bands, but we're confident we'll stand out in that respect.

James: Do you have anything special for your show planned?
TDFWe just want to give every bit of ourselves to make sure the audience is entertained and hope to meet every single person in the venue.

James: What do you think about battle of the bands competitions and how they influence the scene?

TDFThey're 50% band 50% promoter. While it is a competition, the bands are mainly there for the people and whether or not it affects the scene is dependent on the actions of the bands. As well, it takes the right reputable promo company and at the moment Vancouver couldn't ask for better than Rednyne.

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